July 4, 2022

finally a trailer for the return of Donald Glover’s awesome series!

The continuation of the adventures of Earn and his cousin, the rapper Paper Boi were expected since 2018. On the program for this third season: a change of scenery … radical!

“Failing to go to Atlanta is Atlanta who will come to you. “ This is what inspires the first images of the sequel toAtlanta, the brilliant FX series signed Donald Glover (we are not the only ones to say it: the first two seasons have more than 97% positive opinions according to the aggregator of reviews Rotten Tomatoes).

The series follows the journey of three thirty-something-bit-losers who meet stardom, when Alfred’s rap demo (aka Paper Boi) goes viral. His cousin Earn (a young man completely confused after having abandoned prestigious studies) then accepts to become his manager … Not an easy task. Around them also revolve Vanessa, the girlfriend of Earn, often tired by his excesses, and their friend Darius (a hair twisted, but extremely funny). As promised at the end of the second season, the merry gang is now flying to Europe … which should give rise to new and very funny situations.

The strength of the series lies in its way of caricaturing all the racial problems that plague American society. The prison, the deal, the guns, the passage to the Afro hairdresser, the rap, the celebrity … The series relies on a lot of different situations to directly attack the failings of American society. Always subtle, Donald Glover and his friends are neither in the cliché nor in the miserable. It’s very funny and it makes you think about the reality of an America that we really don’t know much about.

With the passage of the group in Europe, the Europeans will certainly take for their rank … Earn and his friends will also certainly make fun of themselves. The series often tramples on the ignorance of Americans and this change of scenery offers new perspectives.

When you waited four years …

Donald Glover, Brian Tyree Henry, Lakeith Stanfield and Zazie Beetz all return to service, as does director Hiro Murai

In the United States, the new season will air from 24 mars 2022 on the FX channel. In France, the series is available on the OCS and Disney + platforms. For now, none of these SVoD platforms has specified how this third season will be broadcast. A fourth is also in preparation for 2023 (the rushes have already been boxed, this time in Atlanta).