May 22, 2022

Estelle Denis separated from Raymond Domenech, her crazy trip with Karine Le Marchand

Obviously, Estelle Denis has decided to treat herself to a little good time after her recent separation from Raymond. Domenech. The famous presenter has actually chosen to spend an evening of celebration in the company of Karine Le Marchand and the journalist Apolline de Malherbe. According to their publication on the Web, the three young women also seemed very motivated at the idea of ​​​​finding themselves among girls. Snapshots available on Instagram on which Objection gives you all the details.

Estelle Denis: a trip with friends to forget her recent breakup!

The end of a beautiful story

After 22 years together, journalist Estelle Denis and Raymond Domenech have obviously decided to put an end to their idyll. Recently, our colleagues from the newspaper Le Parisien actually devoted an article to the pretty brunette, stating that the couple had already been separated for a few months. Ensemble since 2020, the star of the small screen and the former coach of the Blues have nevertheless formed one of the most prominent couples in the media. Some will remember in particular this marriage proposal when the France team had just lost its final against Italy during the Euro football. That day Raymond Domenech thus declared his love for the chosen one of his heart.

Even if in the end the two lovebirds will never formalize their union, they will however live for more than two decades a relationship apparently fulfilled. A reciprocal love which will also be crowned by the arrival of two children, Victoire and Merlin, aged 17 and 14 respectively. Nevertheless, despite this happiness to parents, it seems that the ex-presenter of the channel L’Équipe has now moved away from the father of her son and daughter. A separation which naturally made the headlines because of the celebrity of the two personalities.

A turning point in life

In any case, it seems that now Estelle Denis has decided to change her daily life in many aspects. On the professional side, she thus made a real 180 degree turn with new responsibilities in a radio program on RMC. A program called Estelle Noon that listeners can find every day from 12h at 3 p.m.. Obviously very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​​​finding her audience on the airwaves, the pretty brunette did not hide her joy during a recent interview with Parisian.

Indeed, during this meeting with the press, Estelle Denis said she was very happy with this new challenge that is now offered to her: “I was listening to the radio. And even if it was a big risk, I wanted something new, to provide general information… And then I’m 45 years old. I told myself that I had to do what I wanted. Come on RMC was an opportunity that might not come again. And in a presidential year, I liked the challenge. A change of direction that coincides with his new life after his breakup with Raymond Domenech. Objection tell you more.

Estelle Denis separated from Raymond Domenech, her crazy trip with Karine Le Marchand

Estelle Denis: Between Girls

After having actually chosen to discover new professional horizons, it was therefore obviously time for Estelle Denis to find a single life. To do this, she was apparently able to count on her girlfriends to change her mind. Indeed, the mother of the family was in recent days in the company of Karine Le Marchand for an evening devoted to entertainment. On Saturday January 29, 2022, the famous host of Love is in the meadow was then present on Instagram in a sequence that said a lot about the intentions of the friends.

Estelle Denis separated from Raymond Domenech, her crazy trip with Karine Le Marchand

The presenter of M6 thus invited Estelle Denis to put on her 31 for a frenzied evening: “You can’t stay like that, you have to put on make-up.” Perhaps a way of advising him to rediscover old reflexes in order to attract the attention of the male sex: “I point out to you that we do not catch flies with vinegar ».

Estelle Denis separated from Raymond Domenech, her crazy trip with Karine Le Marchand

After this wise advice, Estelle Denis and Karine Le Marchand therefore joined a third acolyte, Apolline de Malherbe. Finally, the three girlfriends took the direction of a Parisian restaurant in which she had obviously intended to spend a great time. An evening which was obviously intended to make Estelle Denis forget the difficult times that she has just recently gone through because of her separation. A rupture on which neither of the two main interested parties has yet spoken. Indeed, it seems until today impossible to say what are the exact reasons which pushed the two former lovebirds to take different paths?