January 24, 2022

Emily in Paris: French actor Lucas Bravo is having a hard time with his celebrity?

In an interview granted Sunday Times, Lucas Bravo, the actor of Emily in Paris, revealed that he did not live his celebrity very well!

A few days ago, Netflix unveiled the new season of Emily in Paris. If the latter is a real hit, it would seem that an actor lives badly his celebrity. It is French actor Lucas Bravo.

Lucas Bravo (Emily in Paris) had a hard time managing his celebrity

Thanks to Emily in Paris, actor Lucas Bravo saw his celebrity soar overnight. On the other hand, the young man does not seem to live very well with the celebrity. In any case, this was revealed by the Sunday Times which dedicated a portrait to him.

The Emily in Paris actor said on Tuesday, December 28: “I think being famous is the worst thing that can happen to you. It’s just smoke, it doesn’t mean anything.”. Before admitting that his rise was “precipitated.”

As a reminder, the young man plays the French chef Gabriel in season 1. He is also noted for his quite complicated love story with Emily. The actor also regrets having had this role thanks to his beauty.

He confessed : “You can’t be aesthetically beautiful and smart or have depth. I kept getting roles like the stupid gym teacher. It is hard to break this image« .

Lucas Bravo continued: “I’m not complaining, of course, but it’s a reality”. And the least we can say is that her role in Emily in Paris did not didn’t fix things at all.

“I’m, like, this overnight objectified thing”. On the other hand, he became aware of certain things thanks to his role in the Netflix series. Becoming “a favorite” made him think.

“I am Parisian and we complain all the time”

The Emily in Paris actor said: “I became aware of myself. Because when you think of that word. And to the people it embraces, you always see a healthy, beautiful, torn person. And I’m not that”.

Before joking too: “I am Parisian and, of course, we complain all the time. It is our religion. We do not agree. And then sometimes it creates a revolution. And sometimes it’s just a year of yellow vests without a conclusion..

About a romantic encounter with a character from Emily in Paris, he also told Glamor in 2020: “I have this rule about costars. Once you step onto the board, it’s a workplace« .

The Emily in Paris actor revealed: “And I want it to stay professional. I mean, you never know what can happen. But I really try as much as possible to focus on the story that we have to tell”.

He also added: “Performance and character. But I never know”. One thing is certain, fame does not only have advantages. She may also have terrible inconveniences.

Several actors from the Squid Game series also had a hard time dealing with this sudden fame. The actor of Emily in Paris therefore lives the same thing as other Netflix comedians. Case to follow!