January 18, 2022

Elderly couple at basketball game seem unaware they’re next to Drake

By now Drake is probably used to having all the attention when he watches basketball games, knowing that everyone knows who he is.

It was until last night (December 1) when the Canadian rapper went to watch the OKC Thunder vs the Houston Rockets and found himself sitting next to an elderly couple who didn’t seem to have a clue of who he was.

The 35-year-old musician was sitting at the front of the Paycom Center with his longtime friend Mark Robinson when a camera started shooting him.

Credit: WSC Sports

Almost pretending not to see the camera at first, the “God’s Plan” singer looked over as fans started screaming, that’s when the white haired gentleman next to him started to shout. notice it.

Looking at what we assume to be the camera screens, to show who or what is being filmed, the old man looks up at Drake and looks confused.

He’s certainly saying something to make the rapper laugh and give them his undivided attention, even claiming at one point that the camera is looking for his new boyfriend.

According to other media, the man appears to have asked Drake if he was someone important.

Clearly loving any conversation he has with the couple, they continued to have heartwarming interactions with Drake leaning over the man and patting his arm at one point.

In fact, he seems to have had so much fun that he took a selfie with the couple and posted it on Instagram with the caption: ‘My new parents’.

Credit: Instagram / champagnepapi
Credit: Instagram / champagnepapi

Commenting on the adorable moment, one person wrote, “Honestly my parents wouldn’t recognize it either. If a singer is under 50, they won’t know who the singer is! “

Others defended the couple after people wondered how they didn’t know who Drake was, taking to Twitter someone said: “For those of you who say things like” live under a rock “, be nice, they are elders!”

“Situations like these really show celebrities that people can still be genuine. They clearly loved him as someone unaware of his celebrity status. That alone is magnificent! Much better than the fans! ”

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