January 18, 2022

Drama at the AstroWorld festival: Travis Scott and Drake sued

A crowd movement left ten dead and some 300 injured at the Astroworld festival organized by American rapper Travis Scott on November 5 in Houston.

For the first time, Travis Scott failed to avoid drama at AstroWorld festival

At least two billion dollars in damages, is what Travis Scott, the families of the victims of the concert at the AstroWorld festival, are demanding.

Hundreds of voices united to bear witness to the same reality. Cold, relentless, indisputable. The Astroworld Festival 2021 has descended into chaos, dragging in its wake human lives who have come to enjoy a weekend of concerts.

The Houston native’s concerts have so far represented the best of the live experience. The energy deployed on stage allowed him to conquer millions of fans, dazzled by his extraordinary artistic performances and an often exceptional scenography.

The roller coaster of the Astroworld Tour, the giant eagle of the Birds Eye View Tour, the monumental stage of its festival… There are plenty of examples. The Flame is a beast of the stage, of the caliber of the greatest rockstars. And his audience gives him back. Last Friday, however, things went too far.

Lawsuits are currently being filed against the latter and also target Toronto singer Drake, who took the stage shortly after the tragedy. The two rappers performed without interruption, completely ignoring the drama that was unfolding.

Divine missions

It is known that the current of the HHR contributes strongly (and for several years) to the success of the music industry in the United States, in particular thanks to the expansion of streaming. In Drake’s musical imagination, such a success could well be part of a “plan of God” and create a highly favorable situation for his community, as evidenced by the production which has earned him more than a billion clicks on Youtube.

Whether by video or on stage, Drake has clearly set himself a mission that goes beyond commercial ambition. “One choice that I make sure to do is always talk to the big boss up there. I always let him know what my goal is but on this stage. It’s not to improve my reputation… I want to make these people happy “.

In his desire to serve his community, Travis Scott goes even further. His career is for him a kind of priesthood, a priesthood:

“I feel like God put me there to help people. From the top of the stage, I see a congregation, a group of individuals who completely let go of my music. There is nothing better. It’s better than any drug, than any pussy – piece of pussy – or even a great friendship. There is nothing better ! It’s like saving someone’s life for 40 minutes. It’s like I’ve been saving people’s lives for 10 years, ”he told theconversation.com.

Through his performances, Travis Scott seems to want to respond to the need to entertain a youth constantly threatened by the intolerance of a racism which is particularly virulent in Houston, his hometown. The recent establishment of a school reading policy illustrates its worst excesses, while books sensitizing schoolchildren to racism and gender identity were taken from the hands of pupils because they were liable to induce undue guilt. white children.

It remains all the same difficult to reconcile this role of self-proclaimed savior that Travis Scott attributes to himself with the events of last November 5.

The devotion of the faithful

Researchers have developed psychometric tests to measure different aspects of the behavior of admirers towards a celebrity in the world of music, sports or cinema. The scale of attitudes towards celebrities allows us to observe three levels of devotion of admirers to their idol.

The first level is that of “social entertainment”; it ranks the behavior of admirers who appreciate the “entertainment value of admired celebrities” while also providing “opportunities to discuss their performances with like-minded people”.

The second, more “intense and personal” level classifies the behavior of admirers who are completely drawn to the personal life of the favorite celebrity, with frequent thoughts about him and an obsession with his life.

Finally, some admirers reach the “limited-pathological” level by becoming “completely addicted to a celebrity”, it may then be possible to track her down, even to harass her (stalking) or even “to do something illegal if the celebrity preferred asked them ”.

Some Hip Hop admirers exhibit risky behavior that goes as far as jumping into a void or immolating themselves in a blaze.

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