July 4, 2022

Declared dead, a former candidate steps up to the plate!

This Monday, December 20, a former candidate of the Angels 4 gave a rant after finding that she had been announced dead on social networks. It is a malicious individual who passes himself off as his companion who spreads this sordid false information on the Web.

Remember Julia Flabat. It was in 2007 that the young woman made her reality TV debut on TF1, in Island of Temptation 6. In 2011, she retries the experience in Island of Truths. She then flies to Hawaii to participate in the Reality TV Angels 4 with the project of becoming a professional model.

During the adventure, she will be taken in flu by Marie Garet. This suspected her of getting dangerously close to Geoffrey Crousillat, the pretty blonde’s darling at the time. This will be Julia’s last TV appearance in a reality TV show. Since then, the 33-year-old has a rather critical eye on the environment that revealed her and to which she has definitely turned her back.

Julia Flabat @ Instagram

The Ransom of Glory

In a relationship with Eddy Papeoo, whose real name is Lahmmi and discovered in Friends Trip, Julia Flabat announces in March 2017 that she is their first child. Their son, Edan, was born on September 2 of the same year. In June 2019, the couple announced their engagement. The following year, Eddy and Julia become parents again and welcome a little Ella.

However, the happiness of the small family is spoiled by the actions of a malicious individual, who does not hesitate to circulate the worst rumors about the young mother. Because although she no longer appears on TV, Julia continues to experience the setbacks of fame. Thereby, this Monday, December 20, she revealed in story Instagram that she had been announced dead by an Internet user who was posing as the father of her children :

The German who pretends to be Eddy on the pretext that I am dead and that he is raising Edan alone is starting over. He blocked us so I can’t give you his direct account.

Wrote Julia, before declaring to her subscribers that she would be “very grateful” if they would report the account Instagram of the impostor.

@ Instagram screenshot

A request which clearly bore fruit since a little later, the fake account would have disappeared from the famous social network for sharing photos. Unless the user has chosen to deactivate it.

“He’s been doing this since 2018”

Relieved, Julia Flabat warmly thanked her fans and took the opportunity to give them more details about this sordid affair which has been going on for now three years :

The account had to be deleted because we no longer fall on it. Either it is on hold or it has changed its name. This is what he does every time and he reappears later with the same account but a new name. He’s been doing this since 2018.

And to add, in revolt:

To think that I am dead, but seriously! And Ella would be his niece and Edan, his son, whom he raises alone, widower… The worst is that he acts on TikTok too, by making video edits of Eddy and the children.

@ Instagram screenshot

It is clear that the pretty brunette has no intention of letting anyone ruin her life.