January 25, 2022

Dave on Mask Singer: “Hated doing the show”

Singer Dave does not necessarily have very good memories of “Mask Singer”. He was kind enough to say more in “L’Instant de Luxe”.

We no longer present the singer Dave. Having a busy career, he wanted to launch a new challenge in 2020 by participating in season 2 of Mask Singer on TF1. For those who do not know the show, the concept is simple, twelve celebrities are dressed from head to toe. They take turns singing on stage and clues are given as to their identity.

The jury then votes and, with the audience’s vote, the celebrity who has been the least convincing on stage is eliminated from the game and revealed his identity.

Dave did not necessarily enjoy participating in the program, the second season of which was won by Larusso.

Dave in his costume on the set of Mask Singer @ TF1

He describes the show as a “galley”

Guest on the set of the show The Luxury Moment, Dave was able to reconsider his participation in the famous TF1 program. The least we can say is that the singer did not enjoy all aspects of the show.

The moment in the studios is a very good memory. The moment of the show with all the costume, with all this team which is great, I hated doing the show.

The participants indeed each wear a mask of several kilos, which is far from ideal. In addition, they cannot not really expressing yourself freely.

Because when someone tells me something that doesn’t suit me, I like to respond, and on this show you can’t talk. I was frustrated but at one point you can’t even imagine.

Good pay ?

So why did Dave agree to participate in the program? He explains himself.

It is certain that if I accepted this program, it is because it was in full confinement and that when one is confined, there are no concerts.

Regarding his salary, Dave did not want to reveal anything to Jordan De Luxe because of the confidentiality clause of his contract. However, he hinted that he was well paid to participate in the program.

This is the last time I do a TV show like this, where I was like ‘What the hell are you doing in this mess? Luckily you’re well paid, ‘that’s basically what I thought.

Any thoughts on Dave’s participation in Mask Singer?