May 24, 2022

Chloe Brockett says Celebs Go Dating was like ‘therapy’ after dating disasters with bad boys and Jack Grealish scandal

CHLOE Brockett says Celebs Go Dating was like ‘therapy’ after suffering love disasters.

The 21-year-old admits she’s had her fair share of so-called bad boys and has turned to dating agents Paul Carrick-Brunson and Anna Williamson for help.

Chloe Brockett stars in Celebs Go Dating in 20221 credit

But what she didn’t expect was to get emotional about her past – before she’d even said a word.

The Sun revealed that Chloe, 21, broke down in tears seconds after entering the agency.

Describing the experience as ‘therapy’, Chloe told us: ‘I was shocked by the emotion I felt.

“Walking into Paul and Anna’s office and thinking it was going to be a set up to do the show, but you really don’t feel like you’re on camera.

“I was so open emotionally and talked about things I had never talked about before.

“It was like a form of therapy. They really care.

“Even after, they will watch you. They are lovely people who care about you very much. It shocked me. It was like therapy. »

Chloe dated Love Island’s Jack Fincham and Towie’s Harry Lee.

The Sun also revealed last week that she spent the night partying with England footballer Jack Grealish.

The £100m Man City ace, 26, took it to his Greek asshole after an all day booze at a beach club.

Ulrika Jonsson, co-star of Chloe’s Celebs Go Dating, has suffered her own romance scandals in the past.

She told The Sun how joining the agency helped her “know her own worth”, “learn to love herself” and “not please people”.

“It was like free advice,” Ulrika said.

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“Having two outsiders who don’t know you, but know what they’re talking about and challenge you, is amazing.

“They told me a lot of things that I knew. You know it, but when someone tells you and grabs you by the collar and says ‘Come on, what are you going to do about it?’ You need to make changes.

“I’m a big fan of therapy and I listen to what other people have to say. »


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Chloe broke down in tears on her first day at the agency


Chloe broke down in tears on her first day at the agency1 credit
Ulrika Jonsson


Ulrika Jonsson1 credit