July 2, 2022

Chelly Cantú’s big project after EXATLON – Marseille News

Exatlon United States / Instagram What is the big project of Chelly Cantú

Chelly Cantú is an example of discipline, improvement, self-esteem and above all of struggle and dedication to achieve all the goals she proposes.

And in addition to being a celebrity very followed on social networks for her exercise tutorials, after coming to EXATLON United States, the Mexican has also become an influencer.

And this time, the winner of the first season of EXATLON USA took a few minutes to talk about the most important project she has in her life. Moreover, he wanted to share the beautiful message with his followers, as an inspiration.

“Every morning is grateful to have a new day to conquer, to be better than yesterday, every day we can improve something, and you alone are responsible for what follows, for what you decide to do with your time. “, did he declare. the Mexican commented in a video she shared on her Instagram, where she is seen skateboarding, accompanied by one of her dogs. “So take advantage of every second, invest it in yourself, because there is no better life project than yours. “

“You are your best life project. Take advantage of every second and live for you and for you #beyourself #thetimeisnow #alwaysforyou #behappy, ”the athlete added with a comment in his post.

After emphasizing that the biggest and most important project she has in her life is that of herself, that of being true to her dreams, and realizing that each person should be clear about it, and being yourself, Chelly’s message fell between her fans.

“Greetings Chely, very nice your message, thank you ❤️”, “Very good message 👏”, “That’s the attitude. Thank you for your post “and” Thank you for those positive words “were some of the comments made by its subscribers.

“What beautiful words @chellycantu, it’s true, thanking God is very important. Your video with your dog is beautiful 🐶 🥰, commented another Chelly fan.

A few weeks ago, the Mexican showed that in her life project, a fundamental person is her husband, the trainer Luis Tuzo, to whom the athlete never ceases to declare his enormous admiration.

“I am extremely proud of you, of your discipline, of your perseverance and of your dedication to what you love. I know you will achieve what you are proposing. Congratulations for being an example to others, for continuing to reap the rewards of who you are and not just in this environment, but as a son, friend, husband, etc. “The Olympic gymnast commented on her Instagram account in one of the posts where praise for her husband, whom she described as her ideal dumbbell, surfaced.

“I will continue to support you, to fight with you to make our dreams come true. Continue to work hard for our goals and dreams of living amazing lives. I love you! Thank you for wanting to live your life by my side and for wanting to learn everything together, in health and illness, in poverty and wealth; And all the rest. Always by your side !!! Chelly added, in one of her most loving messages for her husband.

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