July 7, 2022

celebrity, portraiture, crime fiction and La Fontaine’s fables

“Unforgettable Encounters” by Mireille Dumas

Emblematic figure of television but also queen of the interview, Mireille looks back on some emblematic encounters of her long and successful career traced with a clear and limpid line without the usual voyeurism. The honest and above all human journalist who works with a rare sensitivity knows how to gather with her singular intimacy the confidences which make of her meetings a divine moment. This is the case in the selection with Souchon, Poelvoorde, Aznavour, Bardot, Bedos V. Giscard d’Estaing … who open their hearts to those who respect them. A book that makes people say that writings remain and that words can fly away with communicative grace.

Private life, public life, 224 pages, 18 euros, published on November 18, Le seeks midi.

Bernard Lacombe’s “football instinct”

Monument of Lyon football, living memory of French football, it is a very nice surprise to read the autobiography of a sober player who has always fulfilled the role that was his without making noise or shadow to anyone it would be. 50 years spent in the professional world, trophies raised, a rich career and a continuity in his role of old-fashioned manager who respects customs and especially understands men. Player, trainer, sports director, advisor, recruiter … he will have known everything. The book is in the image of the simple and respectful man. A good idea to talk about many actors who have rubbed shoulders with the great man. An autobiography that leaves a fine trail of esteem.

With Romain Genard, 496 pages, 18.90 euros, published on November 10, Solar éditions.

4 - Lagny Noel from 4 dec 2021 to 1 jan 2022

“Like dogs and cats” by Jean de La Fontaine

A small, simple work that brings together the fables of Jean de La Fontaine with the first ten devoted to cats and the following ones to dogs with the passing of the baton in the middle by “La querelle des Chiens et des Cts”. an ideal way to re-read the texts and discover lesser-known fables with the fun approach. But didn’t the brave Jeannot de Château-Thierry say “I use animals to teach men.” So let’s take the queue with a smile to discover the digest of humor and creative genius.

Julie Maillard and Pascal Lemaître (drawings) 144 pages, 14 euros, published on November 10, Editions de l’Aube.

“Alibi” de Pieter Aspe

The adulated author returns with his famous commissioner Van In, who brings the renown of Belgium reunified by detective novels very well. There is an atmosphere that smells of simmered dishes, the atmosphere of inns and the subtle humor that does not detract from the gourmet pleasure of leafing through the pages leading to twists mastered by the very prolific author who, after more than 40 volumes also conquered television. But there, the commissioner will have to raise the sordid bottom of the cinema to find a place in an environment which favors the manipulations in the case as tough in the Flemish country. A first-rate thriller.
301 pages, 19 euros, published on November 3, Albin Michel.

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