July 7, 2022

Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodríguez, a fairytale romance

Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodríguez How was love born? | Instagram

Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodriguez they met in 2005 when they both participated in ” The academy“However, before starting the romantic relationship which is now known to all, several years have passed.

the a singer, Carlos Rivera, won the third season of the Tv Azteca singing competition, La Academia, where he even Cynthia Rodriguez The triumph and the title of the competition were also contested.

The “exacadémicos” Carlos Rivera, and Cynthia Deyanira, maintained a very close friendship that would later turn into something like flirtation, and although the two reiterated that they were only very good friends.

Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodríguez How was love born? Photo: Instagram capture

A video in which Carlos Augusto Rivera Guerra is invited to one of Cynthia Rodríguez’s interviews on her YouTube channel ended up showing the chemistry between the two.

This, after the “native of Huamantla, Tlaxcala” returned from his stay in Spain where he played in the work of “The Lion King“After his return to Mexico, he was invited by the host on his channel“ Cyn Censura ”, which for many of his followers, marked the beginning of their sentimental relationship.

It was in 2016 where today ” Carlos Rivera’s girlfriend“I would explain what happened in this interview, as well as the year in which they made their courtship public, although from that point on they requested confidentiality to protect their relationship of any scandal.

We were friends for many years, in the end we stopped being friends because they weren’t friends anymore and later he quoted one of Yuridia’s hit songs, “Amigos No Por Favor” .

Cynthia Rodríguez herself would share a very curious fact since the ” hôte de Venga La Alegria“He stressed that at the beginning, he did not see Carlos Rivera as a possible prospect since he seemed to him” a child “.

We must not forget that the famous man with songs like “What is our to stay”, “Other lives”, etc., Carlos Augusto Rivera Guerra, is years younger than the host, so when they met in reality they became good friends, but when they left they both took different paths.

Currently the stage actor, who has appeared in works such as “Mamma Mía” and currently in “José, El Soñado”, is a successful singer who has toured Spain and it is the “Mexican youtuber” who accompanied him during one of the last tours.

Also, after 2019, rumors of a secret marriage would crop up, and the couple immediately came out to speak out, denying the situation.

Both agreed that they preferred to keep their relationship away from the spotlight, which led to various rumors in which they suspected the certainty of their court and even alleged controversies called into question the preferences of Carlos Augusto Rivera Guerra.

Recently Instagram celebrity Cynthia Rodríguez reportedly surprised everyone by sharing that she plans to become a mother very soon with the performer, which could happen by 2022, as mentioned.