January 24, 2022

Belinda and Nodal with a noble gesture towards the children, they steal their hearts

Belinda and Christian Nodal as Santa Claus, make children happy | Instagram

Belinda would once again show her sensitive and charitable side by going with several children to whom she would bring a little joy this Christmas, like Santa Claus, the ” naturalized mexican“She would arrive accompanied by her boyfriend, Christian Nodal.

The a singer, Belinda, who started in the acting world at the age of ten, when she made her debut in children’s productions such as ” Friends forever“(2000),” Aventuras en el tiempo “(2001)” Accomplices to the rescue “(2002) to name a few, decided to perform a noble gesture in the midst of the dates experienced by which many children would expect a Christmas present.

The ” social media celebrity“And especially on Instagram where to date Belinda Peregrín Schüll already has 14.4 million subscribers, has repeatedly shown the noble heart that characterizes her, which was captured in a recent video from her Instagram account.

The ” composer “And” pianist “, he would have expressed his feeling” happy “to have made smile the Mexican children.

Today has been an amazing day, seeing them smile makes me very happy, said the famous blonde.

Belinda and Christian Nodal as Santa Claus, make the children happy. Photo: Instagram capture

In the images of the clip, “Beli” appears in front of a table full of toys, which gave a little joy to all the children with whom she later “Latin pop princess“He let himself be captured in an instant.

The “belifans” will not be long in reacting to the noble work that the Actrice Netflix decided to realize and between several comments and countless likes, Belinda received great love from her fans.

Thank you for your support!!! How proud to be your fan, you have the most beautiful heart, my queen does her thing, being an excellent human being with a big heart, my Beli what a beautiful heart, they have a huge heart, God multiply all they give, they are the most beautiful, Thank you for your support !!!, Thank you for making these children so happy and being a great example to all of us who have the opportunity to do these beautiful acts, we love them, Thank you for your support !!! They are the best without a doubt, I love you my Beli, you are a wonderful and kind being, you deserve all the good things in the universe, read in the comments.

Although Belinda’s fiancé, to whom the “businesswoman” got engaged during the month of May, did not appear in the video, it turned out that the “Mexican regional” was also part of it. project, since they also refer, it has become the inseparable partner of the ” former judge of La Voz« .

Depending on the version, the acclaimed couple, whom users refer to as “Los Nodeli”, wanted to collaborate on this work which exalted them and captured the hearts of a growing number of fans even more.