May 24, 2022

Aurélie Dotremont ruined? She warns her subscribers

Not long ago, Aurélie Dotremont spoke about the state of her finances, and took the opportunity to give very special advice to her followers. We tell you everything!

Aurélie Dotremont confides

And it is in a long message written and posted in story on Instagram that the beautiful Aurélie Dotremont delivered. Recently, the young woman confides more regularly in her community, and had not even hesitated to engage in her fight against bulimia. But recently, it was about her finances that the young woman (who is often criticized) decided to open up. »Regarding my message the other day about the fact that I do not want to be recognized and known, that I am not an Instagrammer etc… I am not disparaging anyone! I was talking about me and only about me on my networks… I never said that I hadn’t taken advantage of my “celebrity” when I was younger, and frankly I refused a lot! I don’t spit in the soup I drank, I simply swallowed wrong.« Start she.

Before adding: “I’m jealous of people who live with their parents, who have nothing to pay, who don’t have taxes or who are helped by mom and dad… i swear i never got any help from anywhere and i can tell you that damn life is hard, and I’m one of those lucky people that I don’t work for someone. But if I have an advice for people who don’t have help from anyone, put aside a max because the was takes more than half! I started I had nothing, I took advantage of it when I had a lot and then one day you have to assume that you have won so much. And I can tell you that we fall from above. It is not because we earn money that we are rich, never forget that. Very often people who earn their living pay twice. People only see the good side of the mess “they have money they just have to pay. »

Kind advice

We have to believe that Aurélie (whose phone number has been leaked) started reality TV several years ago, and found herself in a world she barely knew at a very young age. ” When you are alone released in a world that you do not know and that you have never known, at 20 years old. And that suddenly you taste all this ephemeral crap, that no one warns you of the dangers or even the consequences, very quickly you get a taste for it. I have a pride, you have no idea. I don’t want to owe anyone anything, and I will never ask for anything. Today I’m doing thanks to me and myself. I had very difficult times, some don’t even know how hard. » She explains.

Aurélie Dotremont ruined? She warns her subscribers

The one who wants to get pregnant then ends up giving benevolent advice to her followers: “ Take care of yourself and focus more on your future than the latest Gucci fall winter collection. This is such sincere and benevolent advice, don’t do as I was able to do. Also, when you have everything you have a lot of friends, a lot of calls, a lot of invitations to parties…. When we have nothing, we have nothing. Ah yes maybe another 2, 3 Gucci bags. »

Aurélie Dotremont ruined? She warns her subscribers

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