July 1, 2022

Antonio Brown: what’s next?

Antonio Brown is one of the most polarized figures in the sports world right now. Despite the discussions on the state of his mental health, the sportsman continues to lead his good life and he has moreover released new music titled “Pit Not The Palace” in this first month of the year. Yes his sporting career may be over, the musical one is just beginning and if we remember his beginnings as a soccer player, it seems obvious to us that he will be a successful rapper.

Pendant the early years of his career, Brown was mostly a quiet guy. He was able to make a Super Bowl in his rookie season, and although the Steelers ended up losing, Brown could see what it takes to win a championship. In the years that followed, Brown became an indisputable superstar who set NFL receiving records to the left and to the right. His resume is nothing short of impressive and, in the eyes of many, he is already among the top five receivers of all time.

Things are going downhill for Antonio Brown

Sadly for Antonio Brown and the Steelers, things started to go downhill in 2017 and 2018, as Brown wasn’t getting the same targets as usual. Ben Roethlisberger’s decline coincided with a series of behavioral anomalies that led fans to wondering if AB was okay. Speculation about his sanity began to swirl, and Vontaze Burfict’s stunt of 2016 was high on everyone’s mind.

Meanwhile, Brown was very adamant that his mental health was doing very well, and thathe was just misunderstood. He also returned to the subject during his appearance on the show I Am Athlete. Antonio Brown felt that his grievances against Big Ben and the Steelers were reasonable, and finally, he got his wish for a trade.

Antonio Brown’s Descent into Hell

2019 and 2020 were years of emotional roller coaster for Antonio Brown. After getting kicked out of the Raiders over a helmet fiasco and then being accused of sexual harassment by two women, Brown has become an outcast in the NFL. Despite this, he was given a chance with the New England Patriots, but the allegations were simply too much to bear, and he was promptly fired from the team.

Months of public outbursts and even an arrest followed, which was a huge red flag for Brown. The recipient has agreed to get help and, for the most part, he went quiet for months before being offered a second chance with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020.

Antonio Brown begins a new chapter in his career

We live in a celebrity culture. If you’re popular enough, you can do pretty much anything you want., and succeed. After all, the United States represents the country that let a game show host win the presidency and gave Kanye the opportunity to run for that same position. Once you become a household name, people will check for you and even though curiosity is a morbidity, attention is better than no attention at all.

If Antonio Brown releases a title with Kanye, it will be a big moment that will have social media talking. Besides, if the song is important enough, it could lead to a full album, which would lead to even more hype surrounding his music career.

The moment he was unleashed on the Buccaneers sideline, it looked like the walls were collapsing on Antonio. His behavior finally caught up with him and his downfall was literally televised under our eyes. Instead of that, Brown used this moment to bolster his popularity, gain sympathy of his fans and even raise awareness for a myriad of projects.

Although some may not think so, Brown’s possibilities are limitless. There are only a few personalities who could have pulled this off, and AB is one of them. Without a doubt, he understood how the American popularity system works and Kanye West, whom he meets, was able to teach him a lot on the subject.