January 25, 2022

announced dead, she speaks

Julia Flabat : a rumor circulated about the young mother and this one indicated that she had died. Annoyed, she decided to make an update!

Rumor about Julia Flabat’s death is growing

A few days ago, our new Miss France engaged in Public. Our colleagues spoke with her about the most difficult moment she has had to live. Diane Leyre answered frankly: “The bereavements”. The one who turned his life upside down is the one who followed the death of his friend: “Just last year, when I left for work, I learned of the death of a friend to whom I had texted the day before. He was only 23 years old. It’s a shock that makes you realize that you have to take advantage of every moment, especially not to regret anything. “

This time it’s the beautiful Julia Flabat who is facing rumors about … his own death. Indeed, a malicious individual does not hesitate to circulate this rumor. This Monday, December 20, the young mother confided on her Instagram story that she had been announced dead by a user who was posing as the father of her children! Julia explained: « The German who pretends to be Eddy on the pretext that I am dead and that he is raising Edan alone is starting over. He blocked us so I can’t give you his direct account. “

Julia Flat goes off the hinges

Just like Laura and Nikola who are the center of attention, the young woman has to deal with the negative sides of celebrity. Fortunately, Julia’s followers have been extremely responsive and have reported this account en masse. This allowed Julia to see the disappearance of the account of the one who wants evil to his family.

Relieved, she thanked her community. Then, she took the opportunity to give some details of this affair which has been going on for three years now: “The account had to be deleted because we no longer fall on it. Either it is on hold or it has changed its name. This is what he does every time and he reappears later with the same account but a new name. He’s been doing this since 2018. To say that I am mature, but serious! And Ella would be his niece and Edan, his son, whom he raises alone, widower… The worst is that he acts on TikTok too, by making video edits of Eddy and the children ”.

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Julia Flabat is announced as dead Julia Flabat is announced as dead

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