January 25, 2022

Ángela Aguilar looks a lot like Kimberly Loaiza on video

Ángela Aguilar looks like Kimberly Loaiza in video | Instagram

Although there is no relation between Kimberly Loaïza and Ángela Aguilar, in addition to popularity in social networks, agreed to their physical resemblanceAt least that’s what the princess of Mexican music looked like.

Apparently Angela Aguilar She looked a lot like Lindura Mayor, the well-known internet celebrity who is considered by YouTube to be the greatest content creator in Mexico.

The imposing celebrities will always exist and not only in Mexico, but we will focus on two very important personalities in the country, one of them the youngest daughter of Pepe Aguilar who apparently in a few years will be able to reach her father successfully. . .

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You will surely remember that Angela always stuck with him see, her hair short that although on some occasions we have seen her with a different cut, although still short, this time she decided to go a little more daring and use extensions.

The resemblance between Ángela Aguilar and Kimberly Loaiza is impressive | Instagram angela_aguilar_

In an interview, she confessed that she didn’t like wearing long hair extensions so much because of the over-grooming that was required, it seems the 18-year-old doesn’t like to struggle so much and prefers to be more convenient. .

However, for a few days now, she has been using extensions that suit her perfectly, it must be said that her grandmother Flor Silvestre liked to see her with her long hair, something rare to see so since she was little she has worn her short hair.

In a few videos he shared on Instagram he appeared with his hair long, but it was in one of them where he captivated several angels, it was a close up of his beautiful face very in style of what Kim Loaiza is used to doing, for this reason the similarity between the two was surprising.


It is in the second video where we can appreciate a little her outfit, it consists of a sky blue sweater, this time she does not have a marked makeup but she looks impeccable, she does painted only her eyelashes and painted her lips with a beautiful red tone.

For three days he shared a photo on Instagram showing his long hair, probably now that he’s older he likes to look a little different and most importantly more handsome, although Angela Aguilar she looks gorgeous with any of her looks.