May 22, 2022

And suddenly Snoop Dogg reveals he’s a crypto whale

The rapper will always amaze us – Snoop Dogg turns out to be an NFT whale on Ethereum (ETH), with collection of great value. Indeed, the rapper has just revealed that he would be Cozomo de ‘Medici, a pseudonym known on Twitter and in the crypto universe, at the head of an NFT collection estimated at $ 17 million.

SnoopDogg and Cozomo de ‘Medici: two identities for a unique love of NFTs

Snoop Dogg had already made waves in the growing world of NFT by launching its own collectibles this spring, as well as by announcing a collaboration with the creator of the popular meme, Nyan Cat. In the past he had also been invited to the Blockchain Week in 2018, where he gave a private concert for… Ripple (XRP)

However, the rapper’s latest move is really unexpected. He just pretended to be the real person behind a Twitter personality, who spent millions of dollars to acquire a very valuable collection of NFT on Ethereum.

Indeed, on Monday, Snoop Dogg tweeted to his 19 millions de followers it was Cozomo de ‘Medici, an NFT collector who joined Twitter in August. Cozomo has tweeted regularly, throughout his NFT journey, over the past few weeks, discussing the large sums of money spent on popular NFT collections, while showing a very good knowledge of the medium.

SnoopDogg publication – Source: Twitter

Snoop Dogg is not the only celebrity to collect NFTs. THE’NBA athlete Stephen Curry, the social media star Jake Paul and the comedian and television host Steve Harvey are big fans of NFT themselves. And he’s not the first celebrity to set up a crypto-oriented Twitter account, either. His fellow rapper and YouTube personality, KSI, has also created a special NFT account.

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A well-stocked NFT art gallery

Snoop Dogg’s collection contains 99 CryptoPunks, including the most valuable of his NFTs, in profile photo, estimated at $ 4.6 million, based on current market prices. The portfolio also contains 10 Meebits NFT 3D avatars created by the authors of CryptoPunks, Larva Labs – as well as a large number of different NFTs from the artwork series Art Blocks.

It will be recalled that an NFT acts like a deed of a digital item, of proven rarity, and it can represent a still image, a video file, a video game accessory and much more. Other valuable assets in Cozomo de ‘Medici’s portfolio include an NFT from the collection Twin Flames of the photographer Justin Aversano, as well as some Moonshot Bots.

Snoop Dogg also appears to own several NFT Rocket Factory by Tom Sachs, the same collection that Budweiser bought. And like Budweiser, who found his wallet inundated with all kinds of random NFTs once the address was exposed to the public, Cozomo’s wallet suffered a constant stream ofbizarre collectibles since yesterday.

Twitter post from Cozomo de'Medici regarding his history with the NFTs
Publication of Cozomo de ‘Medici – Source: Twitter

Snoop Dogg has also started a thread on Twitter for the most curious of you:

“Did I imagine that my very first purchase of a ‘useless’ jpeg would cost $ 2 million? Absolutely not. It should have been $ 4 million. Friends, today I’m sharing the uncensored tale of how I entered the wild world of NFT. From 0 to 8 digits in 30 days. Have a drink, sit down and hold on tight. “

In addition to tweeting his screen name yesterday, Snoop Dogg also retweeted famous NFT investor and project advisor DCinvestor. It would almost make us forget that Snoop Dogg blew up Dogecoin cryptocurrency (+ 800%) earlier this year.

Anyway, Cozomo’s account tweeted yesterday that he would no longer discuss of the real person behind the pseudonym:

“As my notoriety is considerable, the tweet will undoubtedly be discovered. Those who are curious about [connaître] my identity will soon know (…) Those who don’t care, or who simply prefer not to know the source of my vast fame and fortune, may simply not do research. I’ll keep this account focused on NFTs, and won’t mention it again here. “

If this is all just a ruse, somehow it draws attention to both Snoop Dogg, Cozomo de ‘Medici, and the ever-growing world of NFTs. OpenSea is also promoting this adoption by the general public by launching its application on Android and iOS.

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