January 18, 2022

Anastasiya Kvitko’s pink bikini showcases her huge curves

Anastasia Kvitko looks like Barbie, in a pink swimsuit | Instagram

There is no doubt that Anastasia Kvitko’s photoshoots delight her millions of followers, like this one in particular in which the beautiful Russian model appeared wearing a pink swimsuit with which all that was in sight stood out.

Whenever the flirtatious celebrity from Kaliningrad, Russia shares new content, the likes and comments immediately start to skyrocket in her posts.

Even though this one was posted on his own fan account Anastasie kvitko, which has millions of fans.

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This young Instagram model is 27 years old, being so young she has conquered millions thanks to her flirtatious photos, this time we will tackle a beautiful photoshoot in which she reminds us of the most famous doll in the world Barbie.

The Russian model moved to the United States as a teenager | Instagram anastasiya_kvitko

A slim body and huge charms, this is what Barbie would look like if she were a real person, in the case of Anastasia Kvitko It would be a bit more voluptuous as you might have seen by now, only that by wearing a pink swimsuit it reminds us of the delicate outfits this character uses.

There were three images that Anastasia delighted her fandom with, the fabric of her swimsuit was metallic in style, but it stretched a bit because paying attention to her charms they look a bit tight.

As an accessory she uses a sort of belt made of black chains and at the end she has a dollar sign.


On this occasion, Kvitko, who has also been mistaken for Demi Rose and is called Russian Kim Kardashian, is not posing near a pool or the beach, rather she appears to be near a few flower boxes.

Without a doubt, for thousands of Internet users, the first photo that was shared in the post on July 10 is the best, since the tiny swimsuit gets lost among its huge and voluptuous charms, exposing this charming part of her figure. .

For the next two photos, Kvitko appears from the front, posing recharged on a sort of balcony, as for the scene we cannot really appreciate what surrounds him, perhaps the photographer wanted to focus only on the russian model.

Her thick lips give a special touch to the photos, since in the last two she spread them a little, surely more than one of them will have shuddered when seeing her.