January 29, 2022

Anastasia Kvitko draws sexy curves with a white bodysuit – Marseille News

Anastasia Kvitko Describes Her Exquisite Figure With One Piece | Instagram

The model known by her nickname “Russian Kim Kardashian” Anastasia Kvitko shared a photo of her wearing her usual outfit. exquisite silhouetteOnly this time, she is wearing a white jumpsuit.

Despite the fact that this beautiful influencer born in Kaliningrad, Russia does not flaunt her beautiful tanned skin as usual as she decided to wear a piece of clothing that covers almost her entire body, despite this Anastasia Kvitko fall in love with describing only your body.

This is the most recent publication of his account on Instagram, for three days his followers have been waiting for new flirtatious content from him.

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In the picture, despite being seated, her curves can be admired, precisely because of this pose she is in, they appear even more protruding than if she were made of skin.

Anastasia Kvitko Describes Her Exquisite Figure With One Piece | Instagram anastasiya_kvitko

The alluring Russian celebrity wears a a white room Long strapless sleeves, this cut reaches right in the middle of its huge charms, the design has a black print that appears to be large spots, but the predominant color is white.


In the image, we can see a huge resemblance to the British model Demi Rose, with whom she will surely have been compared or perhaps confused on more than one occasion.

The garment you are wearing is part of the collection of the Fashion Nova brand with which the two Anastasia Kvitko While the beautiful Demi Rose and other Instagram personalities were working on it, her fame arguably went global.

Seven hours after its publication, Kvitko’s photograph already has 82,565 red hearts, and the comments he could not miss add up to 1,366 in total.

With her wide hips and slim waist, this beauty only stole sighs, one after another and got her followers to write down some of their fantasies if they were in front of her.

Currently Anastasiya Kvitko, as you can also find her on her social networks, wears her hair lighter, she is a kind of blonde with a touch of golden and honey tone, enhancing her beautiful features.

This particular post is already 1,058 and counts, surely in a few days he will post new content again, for his fans the more revealing, the better, although for this he has his account in Only, where he surely publish photos showing more skin.