January 26, 2022

Ana Parra operated on her lips? – Marseille News

Ana Parra / Instagram Ana Parra confesses what she eats for breakfast to maintain her figure

It took seven months in the arenas of the fifth season of EXATLON USA for Ana Parra to become not only an applauded and out of the ordinary athlete, but also a social media celebrity.

This is how the beautiful Colombian, after leaving the reality show Telemundo, due to a nose injury, is followed by a battalion of loyal fans, who do not miss any of their stages. Ana Parra fans are always reacting to the photos and videos the athlete shares on her Instagram. as well as his inspiring comments.

And this time it’s a photograph published by the Colombian that gets people talking, not only because of the beauty of the young woman, which is evident, but also because of the volume that her lips have in the image.

In the “selfie” type photograph, we see the former beauty queen staring at the lens, with long false lashes and prominent eyebrows, which reinforce the strength of her gaze, but it is her lips that distract the attention. .

For some fans of civil engineering, who are currently back in the arena of competitions, participating in EXATLON Mexico, the photo would show that the athlete may have had some kind of cosmetic retouching in her mouth, something that is not confirmed by elle-même.

Some took it a step further and said that Ana Parra’s lips looked like some type of collagen or ‘filler’ applied to make it appear fuller, but this is also unconfirmed.

The athlete’s supporters have assured that she has always had full lips and many have said that the impression Ana Parra’s mouth gives in this photo is an effect of light or makeup, and of ‘others even said it may have been a filter.

Touch up or not, the truth is, Ana Parra looks majestic and is always very connected with her loyal followers, who in addition to praising her beauty, applaud her calm and straightforward personality.

Ana shared another image in which she boasted of her beautiful figure, with which she took the opportunity to send a message to those who follow her.

“Life is full of decisions…. Whenever you can, choose the ones that make you happier, ”said the model, who on his return to EXATLON defends the Colombian team’s jersey against the Mexicans.

Take a look at some old and current photos of Ana Parra and let us know if you think she had lip surgery, or if she was truly a product of her natural beauty.

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