May 24, 2022

An agency of the Publicis group calls on celebrities to recruit

HR and influence.

La Grande Resignation (The Great Resignation, in VO), this trend aimed at filming your resignation online has gone viral in the United States, especially on TikTok with the #QuitMyJob. Sometimes theatrical, this trend (not yet arrived in France) aims to raise awareness about the importance of mental health at work and to demand better conditions for American employees.

Although part of a good intention, many companies are now struggling to find replacements, and find themselves in shortage of active workers, reports us Michael Boamah, International Communications Manager at BETC. The creation of this hashtag has indeed pushed many professionals in advertising agencies to leave their jobs, for real reasons of course, but also for simple annoyances.

To fight against this phenomenon, the Digitas North America agency (of the Publicis group) has decided to call on celebrities to… recruit! But not without the help of the Cameo platform, a famous application where you can pay to have your favorite celebrity (alive if possible) record a personalized message. This time, it’s not about your favorite singer wishing you a happy birthday… but rather encouraging you to apply for Digitas. A rather unusual way for the unicorn agency to offer visibility on its vacancies.

Singer-songwriter Todrick Hall, Corporate influencer Natalie and singer Lance Bass (former member of boy band NSYNC alongside Justin Timberlake) got in on the action by posing as recruiters for the time being. a (very short) video. The goal of the campaign is obviously to promote positions and stop the damage caused by #QuitMyJob as much as possible, but it is also an opportunity for the agency to show that at Digitas North America, no one would have left their job, because it would never jeopardize your sanity. Or at least, to gain notoriety, relying on that of others.

Results ? Applications have come in more than usual, explains Jamie Flu, SVP & Head of Recruiting of Digitas in the Marketing Brew: “In the last two weeks of the Cameo campaign, Digitas saw a 38% increase in the number of candidates for its 170 vacancies, although it declined to provide exact figures. HR said they were particularly pleased with the results, given that Digitas only spent “ only between 2% and 5% of its annual recruiting budget for this effort.