July 1, 2022

Amouranth reveals Twitch actually invited her to start streaming early

Twitch’s reigning stream queen, Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa, has scoffed at claims that Amazon is trying to oust her from the platform, revealing that the website actually invited her to join the whole way in 2016 to increase the numbers.

Amouranth may be the biggest female star on Twitch right now, even surpassing longtime queen Pokimane, but there are plenty who want her banned from the site for good.

The problem that many Twitch fans have ⁠ – founded or not ⁠ – is that Siragusa relies heavily on “sexualized” content, including ASMR streams, hot tub shows, and anything else that will bring him viewers. and subscribers.

It’s a controversial way to find success on a platform that many see as primarily a gaming site and a chat site secondarily, but Amouranth hit the nail on the head; she now averages more than 10,000 viewers with each broadcast ⁠—and it’s all thanks to a Twitch invite, Siragusa says.

“You know, in 2016, they [Twitch] actually invited me to come stream,” the 28-year-old revealed in response to fans demanding she leave the streaming platform.

Twitch : Amouranth

Twitch chased Siragusa to create a creative category for them half a decade ago.

Amouranth revealed to internet star Anthony Padilla in a “say it all” podcast on YouTube that Twitch approached her in 2016, with machinations to use her online popularity to give a newly founded category a chance.

“They actually invited me to come stream,” she said.

“Twitch had this creative category that they wanted me to stream in. Which is funny,” she continued, “because now there are all these people saying, oh, get off our platform, Twitch is for gamers and games! And Twitch actually invited me to stream. In 2016, they invited me to join them.

Amouranth agreed, but didn’t see the true potential until recently: “It wasn’t until the spa meta started that I thought to myself, why haven’t I been doing this my whole career? ”

The related segment begins at 2:29 in the video below.

Siragusa now totally dominates the Just Chatting category, and really any other Twitch section they decide to stream in too much. As 2022 approaches, the queen of flow boasts more than 24k subscribers, 4.9 million subscribers, and rake over two million views through its feeds in any given week.

Before rocking into Twitch stardom ⁠— after that personal invite ⁠— in 2016, the 28-year-old worked for her character company (she still owns the business) where she dressed up as Disney Princesses for birthdays and events.

“For work, I actually had my character company,” she said. “I would go to birthday parties, children’s hospital visits, as Disney Princesses. It was my dream job. »