January 29, 2022

Aleida Núñez appears with nothing on top, she covers herself with her hair

Aleida Núñez covers her charms only with her long hair | Instagram

Posing in front of a beautiful sunset on flirtatious actress and singer Aleida Núñez showed off her figure while tanning her a bit, including her top charms, for her photos she covered them up a bit with her long hair.

For the pretty businesswoman Aleida Nunez To be an important and flirtatious celebrity has been something simple for her, since she is extremely beautiful and above all talented, you could say that she is the perfect combination for any celebrity besides intelligence.

The photos in which the actress appears wearing only the bottom of her swimsuit, she shared them herself on her official Instagram account at the beginning of the year, on February 28.

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Me and my love for sunsets, ”said Aleida.

In the post we see her showing off her pretty figure with a black swimsuit, which as we just mentioned only sees the lower part, it also has a necklace that reflects the sunset light, just the widest part is in the middle of its huge charms.

Aleida Núñez spoils her followers continuously | Instagram aleidanunez

Aleida Núñez is kneeling, wearing her beautiful dark hair, which by the way is quite long, part of her hair is worn in the front, covering just part of her torso.

In total, there are two images that this Mexican beauty shared, enjoying a stay at the Samora Luxury Resort hotel located in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico.


Apparently the only difference between the first and the second photo is the face of Aleida NunezAs in the first, her eyes and lips are closed, in the second her lips are slightly open as her flirtatious gaze rests on her fans, it seems she sees them directly in their eyes.

Laying on a wide bed, although it looks more like a bed in front of the pool or maybe in front of a beautiful sea.

Like the flirtatious actress from the soap opera “Tomorrow is Forever”, some of her fans adore sunsets, but they undoubtedly adore seeing her posing in such images a little more.

Beautiful my love my love you heart “,” Rica you look at me, my good good love “, some comments from her fans.

Several of the words they dedicate to the Mexican actress are embarrassing, as there are those who have decided to be a little more daring, comments that out of respect they prefer not to show them.