October 16, 2021

Ivorian radio-TV host turned away at Libreville airport: “Celebrity offers no privilege”, remind Gabonese authorities

Rejected at Libreville airport, Yann Bahou can only blame herself © DR

Come to Libreville for a family visit, Yann Bahou, animator on Ivorian radio and television, was turned away at the airport. Dissatisfied, she did not hesitate to relate – in a more or less faithful way to reality – her mishap, making the cabbage of the tabloid press. But faced with what can be considered defamation, Libreville is inflexible and reminds that the right is the same for everyone.

The law is hard, but the law.

“To obtain an entry permit, including within the framework of a family visit, the request must be made by the host in Gabon to the General Directorate of Documentation and Immigration in Libreville”, recalls a senior official of the General Directorate of Documentation and Immigration in Gabon (DGDI).

“The visitor must present a copy of the request upon boarding, upon departure from the airport. It is then exchanged, on arrival in Gabon, against the entry permit ”, specifies the senior official.

This adds that “In the same way as for visas issued in the country of origin, it is recommended, for entry authorizations, that local respondents (families or companies) be present at the airport, when the expected persons arrive , provided with the original documents of the file, in the event that these could not be sent to them before their departure ”.

However, in this case none of that. “No prior request from Gabon had been made about Ms. Yann Bahou, who obviously embarked in Abidjan for Libreville without this document ”, explains our interlocutor.

“The truth is that some people try to take advantage of their notoriety to obtain privileges”

” Furthermore “, he adds, ” at Libreville airport, no local respondent, ie someone from his family or friends, provided with the original documents of the case, was waiting for him ”.

Conclusion: Ms. Yann Bahou can only blame herself. This is also indicated by an agent of the DGDI at Libreville airport who attended the entire scene. “Things happened in a very different way from what we have read on the internet and social networks (…)”, notes this official who emphasizes that “Ms. Bahou was discourteous and vehement and not at all cooperative” .

” The truth “, he explains, “Is that some try to take advantage of their notoriety to obtain privileges. But in Gabon, the law applies and it is the same for everyone, whether you are rich or poor, famous or anonymous ”.

Some, obviously, have lost the habit.