October 16, 2021

New documentary reveals painful personal life of Stephen Hawking E! News UK

WE all know Stephen Hawking as a scientific genius, but a new Sky documentary has taken a more personal look at the professor’s private life.

Sky Original Documentary Hawking: Can You Hear Me? will be available to stream from September 17 and will include information on Hawking’s marriages and divorces.

This never-before-seen family photo features Professor Stephen Hawking with his wife Jane, son Robert and daughter Lucy on their California estate in 1974Credit: Hawking Estate
Hawking’s second marriage to Elaine Mason was surrounded by controversy when she was investigated over allegations of abuseCredit: Reuters

Producer Anthony Geffen said, “After more than five years of working with the late Stephen Hawking, his close family and friends, and with exclusive access to their family archives, we were finally able to tell his extraordinary story from the inside out, by the people who really knew him.

Hawking’s children Robert, Lucy and Tim all appear in the documentary as well as Professor Jane’s first wife.

Notably absent from the 90-minute play is Hawking’s second wife, who has been married to him for 11 years.

Elaine Mason has been asked to share her side of the story, but reportedly declined to comment.

The documentary explains how Mason has been accused on several occasions of having mistreated him “physically and emotionally”.

He explains how a number of people have claimed that Mason’s treatment was “controller and manipulator.”

Mason has been the subject of a formal police investigation into the allegations, but has never been charged with any crime.

Hawking publicly denied the allegations, although he presented to the hospital in 2000 with “cuts and bruises” that he could not explain.

Her daughter Lucy appears visibly upset in the documentary as she talks about the difficult times for the whole family.

Overall, the article examines the human cost of Hawking’s fame to himself and those around him.

Another sad moment is when the professor’s first wife, Jane, reveals that she sometimes thought about jumping into the river because she couldn’t cope with the pressure of their personal lives.

Her current husband, Jonathan Hellyer Jones, appears in the document as he reveals the difficulty of falling in love when Jane was still married to Stephen and Jones was helping care for him.

An argument that Hawking is upset about Jane no longer kissing him on the mouth is also revealed by the family.

Despite exploring Hawking’s personal struggles, his successes and accomplishments are also discussed throughout.

His groundbreaking book A Brief History of Time and the success it brought it is examined from the perspective of his family as they were drawn into the whirlwind of stardom.

You also get a glimpse of the genius before that time when he was a child and then a student at Cambridge.

Hawking’s personal assistant, Judy Fella, summed up: “She was just a normal beautiful person and it was really like that. “

You can watch Hawking: Can you hear me? on Sky Documentaries and NOW from September 20.

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