October 16, 2021

Celebrity Dancing with “Totally Untenable” Stars While Shooting!

published by Jessy Sep 16, 2021 at 9:02 AM

This is the highly anticipated event for this weekend. Dance with the stars returns for a new season with in particular Bilal Hassani, Lola Dubini or even Michou. But during the filming of the first broadcasts, a celebrity was particularly untenable, as a source reveals to the media Public.

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Dance with the Stars: the first two shows recorded!

It has become a recurring mechanism. For the first two bonuses of Dance with the stars, viewers will not have the chance to see celebrities live. The production decided to shoot the first two shows on September 13, for a broadcast on September 17 and 24 next. P

During these two bonuses, viewers will discover the dancing couples who will share the adventure. Among the most anticipated stars, Lola Depths, Bilal Hassani and Dita Von Teese arouse the curiosity of Internet users. This Friday, the first six couples will make their entry on the floor from Dance with the stars to show off their talent as dancers. But during the recording, one person was particularly untenable with the candidates and Camille Combal, at the controls of the show.

dance with the stars

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“She was really untenable and in a very particular state”

Two days after the shoot, the production carefully monitor what is said in the media, and be careful that those present do not reveal anything on social networks. Yet one person told the media Public secrets about shooting of the first two bonuses. According to her, a fame was unmanageable during filming.

“She kept interrupting the host. It was really untenable and in a particular state ” explains the source to Public. But who did the diva ? Who wanted monopolize attention ? To get the answer, we will have to wait until September 17th …

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