October 16, 2021

Theater: In “The Visitor”, Sam Carman plays Sigmund Freud

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The theater is also back. In “Visitors”, actor Sam Kalman In 1938, he played Sigmund Freud.

writing Use Pierre Emmanuel SchmidtYou are the Play the title Visitor Bring the audience back to Austria in April 1938. Germany So Annex His neighbour, But Sigmund Freud is relieved. “He was a celebrity and a star at the time (…) his Jewishness does not worry him.”Reminds Sam Kalman A person who embodies the founder of psychoanalysis on stage.

Until the day the Nazis entered Sigmund Freud’s house. His daughter Anna drops him off and he decides to pick him up. “There, it’s a shock! So he feels fragile. ”, Actors, guests 11:00 p.m., Tuesday September 7. Sigmund Freud is restless, and at this point the visitors arrive. Is he a real character? Freuddream? Is he a god when this character never claims? The debate begins and the public forms ideas. The scientist Freud is not a believer. But for visitors, a verbal tournament can be a source of suspicion at some point.


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Theater: In “The Visitor”, Sam Carman plays Sigmund Freud

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