October 16, 2021

New applications: SkyCue, Negroni, Pathica

Here are 4 news applications just released for our iPhone and iPad including SkyCue, Negroni, Pathica.

The selection of the week has just been made by our team, in order to offer you the best app releases from the App Store. Have a good discovery and tell us what new app you’ve picked up!

skycue icone app ipa iphone ipadSkyCue (App, iPhone / iPad, v2.1, 1 Mo, iOS 14.5, Levi Ortega)

SkyCue is the minimalist weather app. It only displays quick and easy details about any location in the world. With SkyCue, the world’s weather is just a click away.

– Forecast scrolling views that display both 24 hours and 7 days in advance
– Ability to save multiple locations
– Search any city in the world and get instant weather information

Download the free app SkyCue

skycue capture app ipa iphone ipad

unmute icone app ipa iphoneUnmute (App, iPhone, v1.9, 2 Mo, iOS 14.5, Good Snooze)

Unmute allows your phone to speak for you, on the phone!

With Text-To-Speech, you can program the phrases you want your phone to say aloud. Even on the phone!

This can be useful for people who are mute (can’t / won’t speak) or if you have other speech difficulties.

The user on the other side of the line will hear the sentences spoken aloud by your phone during the call.

Download the free app Unmute

unmute capture app ipa iphone

negroni icone app ipa iphone ipadNegroni (App, iPhone / iPad, v2.0, 8 Mo, iOS 13.0, Ataman Girisken)

Negroni offers beautifully presented cocktail recipes, with step-by-step guides, and is full of items you’ll love.

Gin, rum, tequila, vodka, brandy, champagne … Basic ingredients and essential cocktail recipes. Easy to follow with photos, detailed instructions and ingredients.

Download the free app Negroni

negroni capture app ipa iphone ipad

pathica icone app ipa iphonepathica (App, iPhone, v3.1, 117 Mo, iOS 12.0, Mobile Victory)

Have you ever wondered how close you are to someone else, even a celebrity, through your friends?

The first proof of the “six degrees of separation” theory is finally here.

Pathica opens the door to a whole new world of possibilities where you can find yourself connecting with anyone on Instagram through your connections.

Pathica is based on the “six degrees of separation” theory, according to which any person can be connected to any other person on the planet through five individuals or less. Thus, by determining that such and such an individual is “the friend of a friend of a friend (etc.)”, one can connect two random people on the planet in a maximum of six steps.

Download the free app pathica

pathica capture app ipa iphone