October 16, 2021

“I want to save the others”

In recent days, the YouTuber has addressed his colleague Gskianto publicly advising him on his own path, and for this he has been greeted by criticism to which he has now responded with a long monologue on YouTube in which he explained his reasons. In addition to his past experience with obesity, Cicciogamer responded that he wanted to leave a mark and help those in need with his voice.

Yououtubers Cicciogamer89 and Gskianto (Photo: YouTube, Instagram)

The controversy that erupted between the YouTubers Cicciogamer89 and Gskianto has not yet subsided and was also born a few days after the death of my colleague Youtubo. The disappearance of Omar Palermo has shaken not only his 5 million followers but the entire community of active users on YouTube and opened a reflection on the risks of obesity, which Cicciogamer has helped to nurture. In recent days, the boy – once obese, undergoing strict diet and weight loss surgery – has in fact turned to Gskianto for public advice on his own path, and has been greeted with criticism to which he has now responded. by a long monologue on YouTube in which he explained his reasons.

The call to Gskianto and the response to critics

Cicciogamer’s public intervention against Gskianto dates back to a few days ago and was characterized by the harsh tones used by the first: “the only way he cannot die within 2 or 3 years is to carry out the operation as soon as possible ”. The intervention was not particularly appreciated by Gskianto, but it also provoked reactions from other viewers and commentators who accused the YouTuber of wanting to surf a subject that became hot after the death of a real celebrity of the platform. . In the clip released in those hours, Cicciogamer sends the accusations of opportunism to the shippers and claims that he has publicly expressed his position on the matter: “I had the best intentions, and those who follow me and know have them. understood. I told Gskianto that I was told in the first place, and it was the engine that drove me to change at the time ”.

Cicciogamer89: “I want to save the others”

Cicciogamer’s past experience with obesity is one of the reasons the YouTuber felt challenged for days as he was the first to criticize fans’ reaction to Youtubo’s death. also. “You don’t know how many people I’m talking to on Instagram via private messages,” Cicciogamer said; “But I am neither a teacher nor a dietitian, and I only answer to go to those who can follow you.” I would simply like to be the lever that sends you; while you are on a diet, doing the operation, gym … For me it doesn’t matter: the important thing is that you do something. Am I emotionally in this story? Absolutely yes, but who can understand you and help you better than I do, when others have never lived through what I have been through? “. On the motivation that drove him to these interventions, the YouTuber confessed: “I have always had these dreams in which I save a lot of people; I think I want to leave a mark, something for the people who grew up with me ”.

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