October 16, 2021

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Is Ace ready to go for it?

Barely. And in episode 3 of season 1 of Heels, he and Jack fight bitterly about it.

Jack still wants to generate heat and captivate the crowd, but his focus on the story could hurt his relationships outside the ring.

Before we get to this story, there are a few other topics to discuss.

Alison kept her college friends in the dark about her family, but they embraced wrestling and her sexy husband as the villain with vigor.

It was like a weight on his shoulders.

As soon as she saw them having fun and really getting down to it, she relaxed considerably. After everything she does, she deserved the night, and I hope more will come for her as the season progresses.

Even though Ace’s last fight in the ring was relatively traumatic, Jack built on that momentum and hoped to capture audiences with a showman named Ricky Rabies.

Jack was hedging his bets to show he had a lot more up his sleeve to keep them entertained even if Ace left.

Ace was on the map, but he was fighting Bobby Pin, who is having fun and trying to fit in. His excitement is captivating. Who doesn’t love a guy who calls his parents to brag about being on the ticket or fails miserably at pranks?

Well, maybe it’s Rooster. Rooster thought he should fight Ace, and he was trying to grab Jack to talk about it again. It took a few false starts, but when they spoke it made sense.

The Rooster Finally Spends Time With Jack - Heels Season 1 Episode 3

Of course, Jack chose Bobby, but that’s because he’s so malleable.

With his personality, Rooster is not someone who can be used and manipulated for someone else’s story. If there is a celebrity in their future, they have to write it down. It seemed to satisfy him, and it did.

Now, let’s dissect the dynamics of the Spade family.

Getting the full extent of Tom Spade’s death adds another layer of tragedy to the history of the Spade family.

Tom Spade on the Run - Heels Season 1 Episode 3

We learned in Episode 1 of Season 1 of Heels that Ace is walking in his father’s footsteps like a face in the ring and a heel out of it. He has so much of himself wrapped up in his image of his father.

It rubbed Jack the wrong way, and while Tom had been on Jack’s mind since he got all the taste of leading the league, how he tried to enlighten Ace on the pitfalls of being like Tom, it did not land well.

Suicide is impossible to understand. If someone is sick and losing their faculties, it isn’t too hard to put yourself in their shoes with the struggle it takes to choose death for all the reasons that make us human.

But with Tom Spade, it was not at all easy to understand.

His story in the ring was all smiles, cheers, heroism. But, beside himself, he was cruel.

Jack berates the audience - Heels Season 1 Episode 3

We don’t know much about Tom as a husband and father.

We know that Jack tries very hard to be good either way, but it seems more likely that he’s trying not to be his father than to emulate him.

Ace’s image of his father is no longer the hero. He wants to follow in his footsteps, being the face the crowd adores. Jack saw his father for who he was, and it’s hard for him to justify his dueling personalities in and out of the ring.

By pressuring Ace to be a heel, Jack is perhaps hoping he can influence Ace’s behavior outside the ring. As we have seen, he needs help.

But Jack’s method reminds me of what people say about alcoholics. You can’t stop drinking until you stop drinking for yourself. Trying to quit for others never succeeds.

Ace takes a breath - Heels Season 1 Episode 3

At first, Ace hoped that he could win over the crowd again with an incredible speech. Crystal had doubts about her practiced words, but Jack wouldn’t change it.

He and Ace had a good conversation. Jack tried to figure out why Ace wanted to leave the Duffy Dome where he could be a big fish in a small sea to jump into the big leagues where he could become a small fish in a big sea.

Jack was sure Ace could pull through, and that would be good for the story. Willie disagreed, but Jack’s laser focus can be detrimental.

Whatever his thought process, Jack finally realized how wrong he was when Ace couldn’t change his mind, and as the audience hooted and threw garbage at him, he mentally collapsed and left. the ring.

Ace Storms Off Again - Heels Season 1 Episode 3

Jack must have felt like he saw Ace implode in front of his eyes, so he dropped that bomb on their father at the worst possible time. It was out of desperation that their argument escalated. It was a door slam on their conversation.

Ace: Of course you agree with people who hate you, Jack. It comes naturally.
Jack: Listen to me, shit. You are a fucking amateur hour because you don’t understand the difference between clapping and booing and generating heat! Generating heat is your fucking job! You would make a really good heel, Ace.
Ace: Get your fucking hands off me!
Jack: What’s wrong with being a heel ?!
Ace: You’re the fucking heel! I’m the fucking face! Dad was a face! Put that in your fucking head.
Jack: Daddy was a face. Tom Spade was a face. Yeah, because he was a good guy. He was a real good guy. [pause] He knew you were home.

Tom’s suicide didn’t seem to be planned.

Then again, he could have looked so casual because he saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Everything seemed so normal that even grabbing the weapon didn’t seem abnormal.

He didn’t hesitate for a second. It’s mystifying.

But one thing was not. Tom knew his son was in the house. Jack dealt Ace a blow which shook his world as he knew it. It’s inconceivable to think that your father was so callous that he left this heavy bag at your feet.

But, in a way, Jack’s words served his purpose. He wanted Ace to be a heel.

Bobby Pin in Ace's Headlock - Heels Season 1 Episode 3

Ace and Bobby put on a hell of a show, cementing Ace like a heel. Everyone was happy about it except Ace.

As: [to Crystal] Get out of me. I’m not your fucking boyfriend. Can I be clear? Fucking christ.
Jacques: Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa !
Ace: What, Jack? What is the problem? Oh, do you have something to say too, Willie? Go ahead, bitch!
Jacques: Hey! What are you doing ?! [walks a way] [whispering] Hey. When do you think it’s going to be okay to call Willie a bitch? What’s wrong?
Ace: That’s what you wanted, right? [crying] I am a heel now.

It might just be the highlight of everything he’s been absorbing lately, but the way he treated Willie and Crystal was terrible, especially Crystal.

She’s been there for him, encouraging him to do his best, whatever it is.

She sees her potential as a heel because she understands sports. Ace was more absorbed in what the sport made him feel than in understanding the power of the heel.

I hope he understands it soon enough. He might get the big picture now that Wild Bill is back in town.

Wild Bill Hancok chez Willie - Heels Saison 1 Episode 3

He tried so hard to get Ace to join him in the big leagues, but he was miserable, getting drunk in a state to survive.

You could tell he felt devalued and needed attention again. Growing old is a bitch, and it must be a lot worse when you’ve outlived your worth in the eyes of the crowd.

I can say the only thing I never saw coming was Chris Bauer, his butt bare and fluttering in the breeze. This guy is still a star, but he goes the extra mile to be as daring as possible with Wild Bill.

Of course, as his world crumbled around him, he went to see Willie.

Willie Counts Cash - Heels Season 1 Episode 3

Willie may be tough on Crystal, but she’s lived life. And when she says she thinks Crystal is too good for that, that’s a compliment. The last thing Crystal needs is to end up like Ricky’s valet.

Getting to know who Wild Bill and Willie were throughout the present day has a lot to offer for Heels.

Bauer and Mary McCormack stand out in everything they do. They are very similar in their styles, a bit pessimistic with a bubbly mind that hides a huge heart.

There is already so much emotion in this show. Can we still handle more? Well, we’ll give it a try.

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