July 2, 2022

10 celebrities who got revenge in the best possible way

If there’s one thing history has taught us, it’s that sometimes humans can be very, very resentful. And as the saying goes, the vengeance is a dish that is eaten cold. Discover a selection d’anecdotes concerning celebrities, some having simply succeeded in turning the situation to their advantage, while others have shown that it is better to avoid alienating them.

10) The episode Dead silence from Buffy had almost no dialogue to silence detractors

The creator of the series and director of the episode in question, Joss Whedon, was often criticized by his detractors, saying that the dialogue was his only quality. He then decided to prove them wrong. The tenth episode of season 4, entitled “Un silence de mort”, has the particularity of offering an absence of dialogue between the characters during two thirds of the story. This is the only episode in the series Buffy the vampire slayer to have been nominated for an Emmy Award rewarding achievement.

9) Nick Fury, iconic character from the Marvel universe, comes at the origin of a crazy bet

SHIELD’s charismatic leader Nick Fury is all the more popular in the MCU given he is the founder of the Avengers (and played by Samuel L. Jackson). But while his place today seems more than legitimate, the character of Fury was originally launched as Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos. The character was thus created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby with the idea of ​​proving that they could sell a comic book with the worst name they could imagine, as long as it is done in the “Marvel style”.

8) Angelina Jolie didn’t like her character in Wanted

Jolie didn’t think her character, an assassin manipulated by sinister forces, had to get away with killing so many innocent people. She therefore demanded that after learning the true nature of her work, her character commits suicide.

7) Steve Jobs chose the name Apple to get ahead of Atari

Indeed, Steve Jobs chose Apple as the name for his brand to be ahead of Atari, his former employer, in the phone book.

6) Matt Stone took revenge on Michael Moore by turning him into a suicide bomber in Team America

Matt Stone, best known for his work on the series South Park, was interviewed by Michael Moore in the documentary Bowling for Columbine (2002). Directly after this sequence, Moore put in his documentary an anti-American cartoon entitled A Brief History of the United States of America, thus strongly suggesting that it had been directed by Stone and Trey Parker. So the latter, in the film Team America: World Police (2004), have shown a Michael Moore puppet who commits suicide blowing up the team’s headquarters

5) DC Comics introduced a villain named Superdoom because Man of Steel quoted a screenwriter

In its very first trailer, the film Man of Steel of 2013 features a quote from the comics All-Star Superman, scripted by Grant Morrison. The latter was so furious that his words were associated with the Superman featured in the movie he had. created Superdoom, a creature created by scientists who sold it to a company which made him “a violent, troubled and faceless anti-hero … A global marketing symbol”.

4) In an issue of the comic book Punisher, three “random” people exploded

In a comic strip, they are presented as three actors awaiting the arrival of a fourth for a meeting to discuss the follow-up to a film, with a director named Trang. The actors then have the particularity of resembling the cast of the 2015 reboot strangely. from Fantastic Four, which was directed by Josh Trank. So we don’t know if this is a subliminal message following the 2015 reboot fiasco, but a few boards later, their building explodes.

3) Leonardo DiCaprio was violently ill on the set of Wolf of Wall Street

During the shooting of the film The wolf of Wall Street, DiCaprio had fun constantly ambushing actor Jonah Hill. But the latter finally got his revenge as they filmed a scene in a restaurant, insisting that the character played by DiCaprio eats the last sushi. DiCaprio had to rehearse the scene for 70 takes, earning him good food poisoning at the end..

2) Stephen King hated the hype around Carrie

King hated the idea of ​​his books being popular thanks to the 1976 blockbuster film, so he published seven books under the name Richard Bachman.. He asked his publisher to treat them as the work of a stranger, which meant almost zero publicity. One reviewer was so won over by one of them, Skin on bones, which he called the work of “what Stephen King would write if Stephen King could write”.

1) Warren Buffett bought out a company entirely to fire a single person

In 1962, Seabury Stanton, President of Berkshire Hathaway, tried to cheat Buffett in a contract. Even though it wasn’t a good investment, Warren Buffett felt insulted, and therefore decided to own the business, so that he could fire Stanton on the spot..

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