November 29, 2021

Celebrities have “hot water switch” and cigarettes at camp

It turns out that there is a “hot water switch” in the I’m a celebrity… Get me out of here! camp – but before you start ranting against the apparent luxury of camp, keep in mind that this is not quite as it seems.

The ITV reality show returned last week (November 21) for another episode in Hedge château in Wales, having moved from Australia last year in the middle coronavirus restrictions.

As always, the celebrities had to reduce things to basics with their “humble abode”, which has “no hot water or electricity, cold stone walls and old camp beds ”.

However, yesterday The sun reported that all was not bad for competitors, claiming they have a ‘secret hot water supply’ which can be activated with a switch.

« Producers said VIPs have to manually pump a device to achieve a certain pressure for the boiler to work, ”the outlet said.

“In fact, it can be turned on with the flick of a switch. “

But it turns out that while he is a special switch is not something celebrities have access to, which means there is not a constant supply of hot water for them to enjoy.

Instead, there are three things they must do to win and be rewarded with good things – and even so, it’s only warm, not hot.

Credit: ITV

To get water, campmates must burn the wood (and keep it lit), pump the pump, AND pump it for 40 minutes twice a day.

Producers have a dial that tells them once it’s done, and it’s only while the celebrities are given lukewarm water.

If they don’t complete all of these tasks, they should continue with cold water.

Laila Morse on the show in 2013. Credit: ITV
Laila Morse on the show in 2013. Credit: ITV

One thing the stars have, however, are cigarettes – something that was allowed in the Welsh Castle and when the programme was originally shot in Australia.

An ITV spokesperson previously explained: “Celebrities who smoke are allowed to smoke in the camp. They must smoke near the campfire, then put cigarette ends in the fire.

“We don’t have a cigarette allowance, if a celebrity smokes they can smoke. Smoking is not hidden on the screen. “

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