November 28, 2021

Carcassonne – We tested the sport for you by electrostimulation

The promise of this new practice: a 20-minute session would be equivalent to 4 hours of sport. We did the test at the I-motion club, a newcomer to Carcassonne cinemas.

One must suffer to be beautiful. This expression takes on its full meaning when trying sport by electrostimulation. Behind this innovative concept hides a seductive promise: a 20-minute session would be equivalent to four hours of sport. Magic? No. Science. Lisa Girardi, manager of the very recent I-motion club in Carcassonne, explains. “This technique is very effective for losing weight, for recovery, for the preparation of athletes before a match … There, the electrodes come to stimulate in depth 300 muscles simultaneously. While in a classic gym, we works one muscle group at a time. ” A way to refine, strengthen your muscles and save time by doing nothing. Or almost…

The electrostimulations will amplify the work of the muscles during the exercises

41 allée d’Iéna. A Monday morning almost like any other. On the front of the I-motion club, stickers obscure the interior of the room. Above, men and women – with smiles on their faces – sport a kind of futuristic jumpsuit. From the outside, it looks like any other gym. Pushing the door, we quickly realize that the session will not resemble those we have done before. Here, already, no need to come in sports clothes. “You’re going to put on this cotton t-shirt and shorts before I put on the biojacket suit”, launches the young coach. The outfit – as tight as a silicone swimming cap – put on, the time for the fitting has come. A waistcoat with multiple scratches for the upper body, an abdominal belt, armbands and thighs. All wireless, in Bluetooth.

On the “biojacket”, there are no less than 18 electrodes to work each part of the body.

18 electrodes connected to the body

“You have 18 electrodes connected to the body. I can choose which zone to work on. The electrostimulations will amplify the muscular work during the exercises.” Let’s go. Lisa adapts the intensity of the impulses of the machine according to my feelings. Astonishing. Impressive even. The buttocks, thighs, torso … all parts of the body start to vibrate. The feeling is a little strange at first. A bit like when you hit your elbow. After a few minutes, you get used to it. In front of the mirror, squats are more complicated than usual. The same goes for the bike, the rower and the wavy rope … The start of the session is not far away and the first drops of sweat are already there. Every six seconds of vibration, the machine gives the body three seconds of recovery. The minutes go by. It’s already the end of this Monday morning almost like the others.

Before leaving, the coach warns: “It is very likely that you will have body aches tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Drink plenty of water.” I’m already at two liters.

I-motion club Carcassonne, 41 allée d’Iéna. First free trial. Not recommended for cardiac people and pregnant women. Contact: 0628476481;