January 23, 2022

wooden toys made in Mâconnais

“Fraise & Bois” is a young company which manufactures and distributes toys and small wooden furniture in the Mâconnais. The adventure, born from the meeting of a computer scientist, a carpenter and a graphic designer has borne fruit.

Christmas is fast approaching. Why not offer a wooden toy made in the Mâconnais!

Indeed, it is now possible to buy toys or small wooden furniture made in France, made in Crottet near Mâcon. They are distributed under the brand “Strawberry & Wood”: Strawberry like the fruit, but especially like the strawberry which is used to manufacture them and Wood because all these objects are made of quality wood, mostly solid beech.

At the origin of this adventure there are three friends: Robin Brebant, computer engineer, Thibault Chougny, carpenter, and his sister Lison Chougny, graphic designer. Before meeting these 3 young people in their thirties already had an activity that was going well and that they continue to exercise. Robin works in a web agency, Thibault has his carpentry in Crottet and when in Lison, she is a freelance graphic designer. In 2019, they founded a joint company, “A trois mains”, bringing together the skills and know-how of each.

Thibaut and Robin were the first to meet in a company club, the “Mâcon business club”, a place that allows entrepreneurs to exchange views and create links between them. Robin wanted to get out of the loneliness engendered by the work of computer scientist and Thibaut wanted to start an activity with his sister Lison.

I wanted to get out of the loneliness of the web and do something tangible.

Robin Brebant

At the time Thibaut already had 2 children, Robin and Lison were each expecting one and it was only natural that they turned to the world of childhood, the subject of their current concerns. Initially, they focused on the manufacture of toys, even if today their objectives evolve and they turn to the creation of small objects and furniture.

The Fraise & Bois website was launched a week before the first containment in March 2020 with just a few products. A difficult context for a start-up! Since then, sales have grown steadily but steadily. Very quickly, the orders from the professionals arrived and took up more and more space. Now, in addition to the website, the Fraise & Bois brand is distributed in shops promoting “Made in France”, eco-responsible products and wooden objects. Without any canvassing, the company supplies a hundred resellers and the goal is to double this figure.

From the idea of ​​the product to the shipment, including the manufacturing, everything is done by the trio in the premises of Thibaut Chougny’s joinery. To cope with the increase in demands, they have already recruited 2 employees.

Each toy, each object is like “a member of their family” and has a first name. Serge, the big tractor, is named after Thibaut’s father-in-law, the Augustin sheep shelf is named after the grandson of the lady who ordered it.

With Christmas the activity is in full swing. It’s a crucial period for the company but, no worries, everyone has been working there since the summer, stocks are ready. Children can find the Joseph tractor or the Martine puzzles under the tree.

Lison Chougny is the guest of “You are formidable” presented by Pascal Gervaize. And if you know someone great too, you can fill out the questionnaire.