July 4, 2022

With 80% of employees with disabilities, Handirect has been a socially responsible company for 11 years

In Metz, Handirect Services employs disabled people. An “adapted company” which has been operating since 2010 in the field of outsourcing of administrative services. A protected framework, for employees, which does not prevent the competitiveness of the company in the sector.

It is a company with ten employees, seven of whom are disabled. This is what makes it so special. Handirect Services in Metz is what we call an “adapted company”. It is also the pride of its director Marie-Ange Schmitt who explains to us: “An adapted company is a full-fledged company. We do not volunteer. The status of employee is that of common law. We have objectives of profitability, but also a quality approach. In fact, last June, we obtained ISO 9001 certification and we are proud of it. ”

500,000 masks put in envelopes

Folding or filming of documents, printing and dispatch of letters, back office and web administration. At Handirect Services in Metz, we are not idle. During the pandemic, the small company even shipped 500,000 masks to the Moselle at the request of the Departmental Council in three weeks, in record time. The company recruited several disabled people on fixed-term contracts to complete the team on this mission. Nicole was one of them. She is still on a CDD contract and hopes for a CDI to end her career. “I am no longer very far from retirement. I worked in the restaurant business until my health problem.

Adapted company

The peculiarity of an adapted company is to employ 80% of people with disabilities and to find solutions to allow each of them to find its place. Marie-Ange does not need to know what handicap the employee suffers from: “I do not enter the medical file. I need an RQTH document (recognition of the quality of disabled worker), issued by the MDPH and to know the constraintsThe handicap is often invisible. For some, it is the standing position which can be painful, for others it can be a question of hearing difficulties, for still others a day of absence per week is necessary in because of medical care. At Handirect, the atmosphere is family. The small team is perfectly established. Mutual assistance is the key word. Each employee benefits from in-house training. It is a question of mastering the various machines and be able to move between the different posts.

A life changing job

I never doubted. I have never regretted my choice. I am happy to have created this company and I can say that entrepreneurship has allowed me to give meaning to my professional life while bringing a social dimension to it.

Marie-Ange Schmitt, Handirect Services Manager in Metz

One of the oldest employees of Handirect in Metz, told us that he had found more than a job. There he found the strength of autonomy. Now he can take public transport on his own. What he did not believe himself capable of until then. He now has his own apartment and therefore his independence. Marie-Ange Schmitt’s life has also changed. She, who worked in Luxembourg in training in the IT sector, had long wanted to find meaning in her professional life. In 2009, she heard about Handirect Services, which is a franchise. “My professional life has been turned upside down. I was won over by the concept, the philosophy and the spirit. This fully corresponded to my expectations and my personal ethical, social, sustainable development convictions and on the employment of people with disabilities. It was a real trigger for me.“She leaves everything overnight and decides to embark on the adventure.
Entrepreneurship is not easy … But, nine months later, Handirect Services in Metz was born. I never doubted. I have never regretted my choice. I am happy to have created this company and I can say that entrepreneurship has allowed me to give meaning to my professional life while bringing a social dimension to it.“.


Handirect Services is a social and solidarity enterprise, a franchise with 17 agencies. The company was created in 1996 by a young couple. Just graduated, Nathalie and Christophe Gerrier had the idea of ​​getting into the social and solidarity economy. At that time, the adapted company did not yet exist. It was not until 2006 to obtain the “Adapted Enterprise” accreditation. There are 39 adapted companies in the Grand Est. 16 are in Meurthe-et-Moselle, 12 in Alsace, 11 in Champagne-Ardenne. The company specializing in administrative work is also developing its trades with “” Handémat “which is a new service for the dematerialization of mail.