May 14, 2022

Why hire a lawyer for your business?

When creation of a company, it is obvious to immediately think of recruiting salespeople, accountants and others. However, few entrepreneurs think about the possibility of set up a legal department within their company. As for those who explore this path, they do not necessarily plan hire a lawyer. However, have a lawyer in your company can be a formidable asset.

The role of the corporate lawyer

Basically, a lawyer is a specialist in law. Its mission is to provide legal advice to its customers, or ensure compliance with the law. Further on, the lawyer ensures that the interests of his client be protected or defended. Otherwise, he will have to plead in court to ensure the defense or representation of his client. What is then the usefulness of a lawyer within a company ?

Call on this specialist may be of little use if you are responsible for a very small business or business. Once the business grows to a larger size and brews enough money, the slightest legal error can be serious. It is therefore wise to work with Maître Clémence Richard, to avoid unpleasant surprises. You can therefore be sure that:

  • All contracts will be combed through;
  • Your business will be up to date with laws and regulations;
  • Your lawyer will be on top of the legal risks to your business.

Within a company, the lawyer has a perfect mastery and can interpret:

  • The Penal Code ;
  • The Civil Code;
  • Business law.

All of these skills can have a significant impact on your business strategy. You will be able to make wise decisions, and more.

3 good reasons to hire a lawyer for your business

There are only good reasons why you should hire a lawyer for your business. Here are three of them:

1. Get advice from a legal expert

One business lawyer must above all to know how to listen, understand the operation of the company and immerse yourself in its daily life. Only in this way can he advise leaders about subjects relating to the legal aspect like here. The lawyer on behalf of a company answers questions that require thorough knowledge of the rules of law. These include those that govern the business sector of the company.

For the lawyer to carry out his mission, you will have to associate him with the many projects implemented by your company. He must be kept up to date from the design phase to the realization phase. Indeed, the lawyer provides the necessary advice to promote the smooth running of multiple operations. During the stage of drafting of a legal document, the lawyer advises his client on the terms and conditions of the transaction.

It is the same for the relative operations:

  • When a business is transferred;
  • De joint-venture ;
  • Fundraising.

2. Validate the cause of your business

The company’s activities risk being negatively impacted by a sloppy protection, or poorly organized. An unfavorable lawsuit can influence not only your bottom line, but also the direction of your business. Depending on the situation, the business lawyer can:

  • Guide you with regard to legal procedures;
  • Defend yourself in the event of a lawsuit;
  • Support you to draft deeds under private signature.

Thus, you benefit from assistance in a variety of sectors:

  • Trademark law;
  • Real estate law ;
  • Social right ;
  • Financial law;
  • Etc.

Depending on the scope of the sectors to be covered, the business lawyer collaborates with other colleagues. Before any pleading or defense of his client, he collects the necessary evidence and elements. As a result, the company leaves with every chance of winning.

3. Negotiate contracts

Any competent business lawyer has the obligation to master the sectors in which its intervention is required. Inasmuch as company law specialist, a lawyer must be up-to-date with regard to:

  • Capital increases;
  • Formalities related to respect for shareholders’ rights;
  • Conditions of validity of shareholders’ clauses;
  • Etc.

In the performance of his duties, he will be asked to negotiate contract signatures with different stakeholders. Therefore, perfect mastery of the various phases of establishing a contract between the company represented and the others must be achieved. The lawyer must be able to constitute or become a key link of a team that brings together many disciplines. He thus has the assurance that success will be in his camp, no matter how difficult the operation.

In complex situations relating to business compatibility, the lawyer must be in constant contact with the financial advisers. This is also the case when particular functions of the company are outsourced. Nevertheless, it must be in relation with the lawyer of the partner company to ensure the smooth running of related activities.

How to choose your corporate lawyer?

Choosing a lawyer for your business is no small feat, as there is a plethora of offers. Not doing it right could be detrimental to the business. Here are some ways to find the one you need:

The avocado’s journey

It is important that the business lawyer has had a quality course, with regard to his status and training. This company law expert must know how to deal with all procedures, relating to this area. It is therefore a professional who has studied law, and specialists such as commercial and competition law. To all this, it will be necessary to add knowledge in:

  • Fiscal law ;
  • Industrial property law;
  • Stock market law;
  • Etc.

All this will allow him to better help his customers.

His fees

You must know that the services of a business lawyer are chargeable, and that you have to pay it per hour. Therefore, it is free to set his fees depending on his experience, quality of work and background. No exaggeration should be made, as it would be against professional ethics. You will be able very quickly to know if a lawyer is trustworthy, depending on the price it will impose.

Nevertheless in the large-scale firms, the price is high for many reasons. It mainly depends on the quality of the service provided, as well as the investment made. The customer therefore has the impression that the choice is totally subjective.

Its ease of offering solutions

The corporate lawyer must be able to propose solutions to any legal problem who shows up. He is expected to know everything about everything, in order to be responsive in all types of situations. Inventiveness is one of the main qualities of a lawyer, which he must use in all contexts. For this to be possible, it is important that the lawyer is experienced.

Ability to negotiate

Businesses do transactions all the time. The lawyer in such an environment must strategically advise, in order to save his client. When writing a letter of offer to acquire a business, for example, the lawyer plays a key role. He will suggest the best approach on the terms and conditions of the transaction to be offered to sellers. Keep in mind that the role of the lawyer is not only to protect your back, but also of defend your interests.

His quality of work

It doesn’t matter how much work the lawyer does, but rather how good it is. The stakes are really high in Corporate law, and the company could register huge contract losses. This is likely to happen if the lawyer does not advise appropriately, or makes errors of judgment. He must therefore consider all possible scenarios, as well as the legislation.

His ability to listen

For choose a good lawyer for your business, you must above all evaluate its listening skills. Indeed, he must be able to have the client explain the entire situation without any interruption. This is what will allow him to have all the necessary elements for the legally resolve. Further, the business lawyer must also be sociable, close to its customers and show understanding.

His team

When working for a company, the business lawyer will be in charge of many cases. In this case, it is better to choose one who is well surrounded. The complexity of a legal problem may require the intervention of other specialists. Thus, the lawyer must be able to collaborate with other working relationships. You have everything to gain by going towards a law firm, because he already has a whole team.

To conclude

In some cases and depending on the size of the company, working with a lawyer can be a necessity. As a legal professional, he brings his expertise to companies that really need it. They can thus act in accordance with the texts and laws in force. With his mastery of legal engineering, the lawyer participates in the creation of an environment conducive to the development and growth of the company.

The presence of this legal expert is important for write contracts, or carry out mergers or layoffs. In addition, the lawyer is able to defend your interests before all the competent courts when a dispute involves your company. It is therefore a real asset to own one.