January 26, 2022

What levers to reduce the number of company meetings?

On a daily basis, companies regularly organize meetings to take stock of current actions or their strategy. Although they are essential for the successful development of a business, they take a long time. On average, forty days a year are spent in meetings, and 56% of this time (a little over 22 days) is wasted by waiting for participants, writing and sharing the report … could be avoided or optimized.

On Thursday January 20 at 2:30 p.m., Jamespot, the French specialist in corporate social networking and collaborative software, is organizing a webinar to find out how to end the meeting and become more efficient during these meetings.

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Organize more engaging and effective meetings

In theory, each meeting is an opportunity to collectively respond to a specific problem or to move forward together on a file or a project. For these reasons, they constitute an essential internal communication lever. However, they sometimes prove to be counterproductive because of the time spent debating trivial matters, or branching out into conversations that do not necessarily help to achieve the intended objectives.


To avoid this, it is important to put productivity and collaboration back at the center of these meetings. As you will discover during this webinar, there are several ways to run more engaging and productive meetings.

As a first step, make sure that each employee is informed of the purpose of the meeting, what must be prepared before this meeting, the desired result of it, the various points to be addressed and the speaking time allowed. to each. Developing and communicating these elements upstream contributes to the good organization of a meeting and its productivity. During this webinar, Julie Petignat and Alain Garnier, Jamespot experts, will give you several avenues for reflection and solutions that will allow you to properly prepare your meetings and optimize every minute of them.

An effective meeting also relies on good facilitation. To stimulate your teams, for example, it may be wise to bet on a fun way of working that will allow each employee to discuss their ideas in a more relaxed manner. This ensures that each employee has a specific speaking time. By attending this webinar, you will discover that solutions exist to collaborate in the best conditions during a meeting.

Some offer in particular to share documents in one click, to draw up reports in a few seconds, or to carry out surveys. This type of functionality saves time during each exchange.


On the program for this webinar on January 20, 2022:

  • How do you run engaging meetings?
  • How to save the time spent in meetings?
  • How to get everyone to Diapazone, Jamespot’s meeting orchestration solution?
  • A question and answer session.

In the event that you are not available in this niche, Jamespot offers, as usual, to register to receive the webinar replay by e-mail. This way, you can watch it when it is most convenient for you and not miss any advice from the experts at Jamespot!