July 1, 2022

What future for businesses in Moulins Communautaire (Allier)?

At Logiparc de Montbeugny, four building permits have been filed for a total amount of 75 to 100 million and 100 to 200 jobs created. Two building permits were filed in the second quarter of 2021, for secure logistics. The first by Eiffage for 18,000 m² and the second by Concerto for 31,000 m². “The environmental authorization is in progress. The public inquiry should start at the beginning of 2022”, explains Philippe Boismenu, vice-president in charge of economic development and trade at Moulins community.

The same two companies also want to do classic logistics. Concerto filed a building permit at the town hall on December 23 for 18,000 m². The company would like to open its site in early 2023, which means that it will be a race against time. Eiffage would be interested for 24,000 m². The project has been presented, the building permit should soon be filed.

Eiffage submits a new building permit for the Logiparc de Montbeugny (Allier)

These different buildings should not see the light of day before 2024-2025. “These are two big makers who have European stature. They each already have two projects on the site. This means that they are happy with the site and the infrastructure put in place. In addition, we are confident for the 35 hectares which could have interested the BSMAT which finally chose to stay on its current site”.

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NL 80

The Logiparc is divided into three activity zones: deconstruction, logistics and tertiary. The 35 hectares are planned for logistics. Another place to take at the Logiparc: that of Bosch. “The company is only a tenant of the building. The owner already has several visits. Bosch did not give a departure date. But it should be mid-2022”.

Bosch explains his departure from the Logiparc de Montbeugny (Allier)

Facilities in the Petits-Vernats area

Moulins communautaire acquired an additional 9 hectares in the Petits-Vernats area. Mewa, the German company specializing in industrial cloths, is planning to expand its site to 30,000 m².

Another local company, Les frigorifiques de Moulins, by Hervé Claret, is to set up on the 90,000 m² acquired by Moulins communautaire.

The area will host a huge garage specializing in bodywork, Chapotot, which will diversify its activities by offering electric car rental and camper van storage, all with the installation of a photovoltaic park on the site. For these two companies, the purchase options have been set, the compromises should soon be signed.
The area is thus complete.

Change also in Toulon-sur-Allier

Moulins community owns a large piece of land, in Toulon-sur-Allier, towards the road center. He will sell it to Renault truck which will leave from Avermes. This sale must be validated at the next community council. You will then have to find another company.
But the major project in which the economic center has already embarked is the project after the base camp currently occupied by Aliaé for the RCEA site.

Projects in rural communities

“We have a lot of work to do in the rural areas of the agglomeration, such as Thiel-sur-Acolin, Neuilly-le-Réal, Lusigny or Lurcy-Lévis. There are buildings to convert and transform. Until now, these areas were managed by the municipalities, but we can help. For example, with the departmental council, there is aid for business real estate, which is an important financial lever,” explains Philippe Boismenu, vice-president in charge of economic development and trade at Moulins Communauté.

Marie Collinet