January 25, 2022

“We are crumbling under the demands”: the company STEE, in Olivet, launches the production of its revolutionary bicycle

The bicycle of the company STEE, located in Olivet, was one of the stars of the visit of the deputy LREM of Val-de-Marne, Guillaume Gouffier-Cha, in the Loiret, Monday January 10. Its creator, Adrien Lelièvre, presented it to the politician, in charge of the parliamentary mission on the structuring of the economic sector of the bicycle in France.

This is’an electrically assisted bicycle, with unlimited autonomy and operating without a battery. The machine, “the first in the world” of this type, recharges when its user is pedaling, thanks to supercapacitors. The goal being to “smooth out the effort” of the cyclist, the assistance being useful during a drop or overtaking.

The bicycle as an educational tool

Adrien Lelièvre is at the head of Veloci Industries, a group of three companies – STEE, FLH and MSI – specialized in French electronics and industrial mechanics. He left his post within the industrial group Exxelia to set up this group in 2016, with a desire for independence and a project: the development of supercapacitors.

The entrepreneur then creates a design office, serving these three entities, working on “the applications des supercondensateurs, both in industry and for products open to a wider public “.

Adrien Lelièvre presented his bike to deputy Guillaume Gouffier-Cha, Monday January 10.

“I recruited a doctor from the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), specializing in supercapacitors, and a doctoral student, working on hybrid electric systems “, specifies the scientist at heart.

What is a supercapacitor?
A supercapacitor makes it possible to obtain a power density and an energy density intermediate between batteries and conventional electrolytic capacitors. The bikes designed by STEE feature eighteen supercapacitors, made of aluminum and carbon, which originate from South Korea, Asia.

The supercapacitor is made of aluminum and carbon.

At the start of the project, Adrien Lelièvre chose the bicycle as an educational tool for his employees, in order to “show the added value of a supercapacitor”, but does not plan to market it. “It is the only vehicle carrying its source of energy production: the user,” he adds.

The director of STEE submits a patent in 2017. Followed by thousands of people, he realizes that his project pleases. “We are crumbling under the demands”, affirms Adrien Lelièvre.

“We do not sell magic. Quite simply, the population has understood that beyond the issue of energy transition, the objective is to consume less.”

Launch of the production of one hundred bicycles

The company therefore comes from sell twenty machines and is preparing to launch the production of one hundred additional bikes, with the objective of having manufactured thousand by the end of the year 2022.

At a cost of 1,995 euros, this cycle weighs 20 kg, against 12 to 15 kg for a conventional bike. “We make the electronic cards, the wire cabling, the screen”, explains the boss. For the moment, the executives come from Asia.

Boulanger will distribute it in its stores

The company is currently working on modifications to use more local components, less plastic and successfully reduce costs. “We want to offer a machine at an affordable price”, explains Adrien Lelièvre.

This one signed a contract with Boulanger so that his bikes are distributed in the brand’s stores.

While the STEE company counts twenty-five employees, in view of the strong demand, his boss plans to recruit staff: “We will need operators, but also to expand the design office and other services.”

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Anne-Laure Le Jan