July 4, 2022

Tiny House: Quebec company Minimaliste unveils a completely off-grid house on wheels

With the advent of tiny-houses, or geodesic houses, more and more individuals are turning to nomadic housing. And when it comes to ecology, these individuals are often tempted by life off the grid. a new way of life which implies not being dependent on any public service to get water and electricity …

When it comes to off-grid mobile homes, we found a compact motorhome, the NOMAD. It is designed to withstand all weather conditions and is equipped with everything you need to live independently. Solar panels, dry toilets for composting or water tanks. This motorhome comes to us from Quebec and is manufactured by the company Minimaliste. Presentation.

The Nomad of Minimalist in detail

It is currently the only Tiny House motorhome of the Canadian company.e capable of operating off-grid. For the composting toilets, it has two tanks of approximately 136 liters for black water and gray water. For the fresh water tank, it can count on a 200 liter tank. This allows two people to be able to live for a few days without emptying or filling.

A fully equipped kitchen. Photo credit: Minimalist House / Nomad

For autonomy in electricity, Nomad has solar panels with lithium batteries of a minimum of 5.12 kWh or in advanced mode of 10.24 kWh. Smaller than the previous models in the range, it still offers enough space to live comfortably.

In terms of equipment, it has high-quality household appliances and offers a gas boiler and water heater … But also a 12V refrigerator and a gas stove as well.

How is it inside?

Bathroom, kitchen, dining area and lounge area, everything is thought out to live with enough space… in a small space. The kitchen and dining room are finished with walnut laminate finishes and white walls. Small touches of black on the handles bring a modern character to this interior.

We also find the same uniformity of decoration in the bedroom and the bathroom. As for the ceiling of the bedroom, it offers a great height to ensure comfort even to the largest of the guests! And it is also in the bedroom that we find the most storage, integrated under and around the marriage bed.

A real double bed
A real double bed. Photo credit: Minimalist House / Nomad

The bathroom, for its part, offers all the amenities you need to live in self-sufficiency : toilet with flush or compost (optional), medicine cabinet, decent-sized basin and accessible bathtub and shower large enough for this type of mobile home.

But what does “living off the grid” mean?

An Off-The-Grid home is a way of life that allows people to live without infrastructure at a distance. The houses or motorhomes outside the networks are autonomous and self-sufficient dwellings. They therefore depend neither on the electricity network nor on the public drinking water supply. But they are also autonomous for the discharge of waste water (dry toilet) or the supply of gas. Electric autonomy is often provided by solar panels and water autonomy, by collecting rainwater.

An energy-independent house on wheels.
An energy-independent house on wheels. Photo credit: Minimalist House / Nomad

In Canada, which has a large community of off-grid houses, they end up posing an ecological problem … To be self-sufficient, many natives use generators that run on diesel… A fuel polluting by its nature and by the fact that it must be transported over long distances.

The Federal Government of Canada Department, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada expresses concern over its autonomous houses but not very ecological. This is obviously not the goal of the Nomad that we have just presented to you. But we finally realize that an off-grid house may not be ecological!