July 1, 2022

the transfer of a company committed to people and the future

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] Selling a business can be like a long road full of surprises and complexities. Since 2015, Pro-Transactions has supported professionals in the transfer of SMEs, TPEs or SMIs in the West. This independent firm draws its strength from its expertise in business transactions and its personalized approach.

The business transaction, a personal vision

Talking about Pro-Transactions inevitably means talking about the career of its founder, Mickael Migeon. Ten years ago, the entrepreneur already aspired to free himself from very formal postures in business, in particular by favoring the qualitative aspect of his appearance. Supporting buyers with respect and empathy, Mickael Migeon defends this idea. After having carried out 250 transactions since 2011, the entrepreneur decides to found his own structure: Pro-Transactions.

Always relying on people and their potential, the firm quickly realized that the independent status had all its legitimacy. Indeed, if it is customary for a business manager to offer ever higher services, inconsistencies arise between the internal business firm and the accountant. This posture of independence takes the problem on the wrong foot and allows smooth transactions. Pro-Transactions supports business buyers and sellers in this regard at all stages of the process.

Pro-Transactions: the transfer of a business committed to people and the future
Pro-Transactions: the transfer of a business committed to people and the future © Pro-Transactions

Pro-Transactions or the passion of the company

Pro-Transactions is thus defined as an intermediary in the sale of businesses and companies, whether they are SMEs, SMIs or VSEs, and this in the sector of industry, commerce, crafts and services. The firm works to respond as clearly as possible to the many expectations of its clients. The objective is to provide cedants with adapted and non-directed responses.

Pro-Transactions supports and accompanies sellers in several aspects of the transaction process. The role of the firm is eclectic and involves both the expertise of the economic, human and material aspects of a company, as well as the valuation of its business assets. The firm also works in the realization of a realistic presentation of the value of the company, in the contribution of the assistance of specialists or in the formation of a satisfactory transfer protocol with one and the other of the parties until ‘at closing.

For Pro-Transactions, the business sale activity goes beyond the simple reconciliation of files between sellers and buyers. The firm campaigns for an individualized and synthetic approach, where listening reigns supreme. With its enriched know-how, Pro-Transactions agrees to deliver a plethora of assets to its clients:

– A sale or a purchase made much faster; its presence on the national territory and its knowledge of the market allow Pro-Transactions to select the most relevant profiles and to guarantee the advertisements a high visibility during their diffusion.

– A 100% secure transaction thanks to the firm’s specific and technical skills.

– The team’s expertise and tailor-made advice to gain peace of mind.

Complete and personalized support

Pro-Transactions makes its activity a commitment to people, their expectations and their listening skills. Whatever sector of activity in which a client wishes to take over or transfer a company, the firm’s experts support them throughout the transaction process. In this sense, the team masters all the facets inherent in the transfer, that is to say the connection, the negotiation, the legal respect of the terms of transfer, the financial arrangement, the support or the advice.

With a great deal of discretion and confidentiality, Pro-Transactions supports, analyzes and advises its clients by scrupulously respecting the rules and rigorous codes of ethics. Transparent and benevolent, the firm forces each negotiator on his team to commit to applying the “Negotiator’s Charter” set up within the company.

By making the transaction of a human and committed business its hobbyhorse, Pro-Transactions has succeeded in this highly competitive market. Since 2015, the team of experts can boast a satisfaction rate of around 90% after five years of operation. And according to Mickael Migeon, “of satisfied clients are clients who are still in place after 5 years after having made their acquisition by the firm“. A mission successfully taken up by Pro-Transactions!

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