July 1, 2022

The Rennes company Hellowork will recruit a hundred people in 2022

The job market is doing well! In any case, this is the observation drawn up by Hellowork, the leader in digital job search in France. This Rennes-based company connects companies and candidates, but itself benefits from this economic recovery. If today, it has 400 employees, including 240 in Rennes, 110 in Paris and 30 in Bordeaux, it is preparing to welcome even more. This year it plans to create 100 to 130 jobs, the vast majority of which in Ille-et-Vilaine

90 positions are to be filled in Rennes and the profiles are very diverse. “We are looking for business developers, account managers, but we will also have needs within our technical teams“, explains Claire L’Hostis, recruitment manager at Hellowork. The company is also looking for employees for its marketing teams and for the teams working on its RegionsJob, ParisJob, Cadreo platforms.

Candidates can apply on the group’s various platforms, or participate in a “job dating” organized this week. Faced with the influx of candidates and the large number of positions to be filled, Claire L’Hostis has a very particular method of finding her way around. She sticks post-its on the walls of her office: “A post-it goes back to a vacancy“, she explains. She then places them under columns representing the different stages of the process, like “the announcement, the telephone exchange, the interview or the signed contract“. Every morning, when she finds her work partner, the recruitment manager “advances the post-its according to the progress of the recruitment“.

Claire L’Hostis, recruitment manager at HelloWork © Radio France
Laurine Benjebria

Since the beginning of the year, around ten people have already been recruited, mainly in Rennes. If for the moment all have been accommodated in the current premises, for future recruits, Hellowork will have to push the walls. “7 years ago, when we arrived at La Mabilais, we had three trays, which could accommodate 70 people, and today we have six and we continue to look for more.“, specifies François Leverger, Managing Director. “There we have room to accommodate a certain number of employees, but we will not have enough to accommodate the 100“, he adds. The company is therefore actively looking for new platforms, still within the building located rue de la Mabilais in Rennes. But Hellowork will also have to “rethink the organization of work“, by focusing in particular on teleworking.

Hellowork’s situation is far from trivial. It illustrates the great shape of the job market, according to François Leverger. Connecting companies and candidates, Hellowork is a good barometer of the current trend. “In 2021, 3.7 million offers were distributed, which represents 100% growth compared to 2020“. This growth can be explained by the economic recovery, but also by the aging of the population and “les baby boomers“. But if the offer is considerable, the number of candidates does not necessarily follow. To be more competitive, it is necessary to review the recruitment strategies pleads Hellowork. The company wants for example to develop tools to allow more transparency in the application follow-up.