May 13, 2022

The Prox company in Uzerche (Corrèze) wants to ban digital exclusion in rural areas

In the country of Uzerche, everyone more or less knows the reintegration company Prox. But rather less than more! The company created in 2001 is a “multi-tasking” company which employs about twenty employees in social and economic reintegration. Its field of action: minor garden and green space work, cleaning, removal of the most diverse bulky items, minor interior restoration work… both for individuals and for communities.

Digital exclusion is a reality

Today, Prox wishes to offer its services in the digital field: “We see a need among the population which is not comfortable with digital technology, technological tools” specified Céline Pallut, the director, during the visit, Thursday, to Uzerche, to the company’s headquarters, of Salima Saa, the prefect of Corrèze. The State representative wanted to hear from Prox officials and better understand their project. Prox is indeed the only Corrèze company to have benefited from state aid (€30,000) as part of the Recovery Plan, following the health crisis, in terms of actions for digital training.

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Insertion: the first Prox party

Prox has bought a truck (also with funds from the region and the department) equipped with computer equipment and will start “tours” in the municipalities of three communities in a few weeks. Espartignac, Lagraulière, Vigeois, Treignac, Le Lonzac and Eyburie have already shown interest in the Prox initiative

Complementarity with France services

A digital advisor has been recruited, Julien Fiancette, whose training mission concerns, on a workshop basis, helping people to get started or better use digital tools. “It may be knowing how to go to pronote for parents, create an email or install an application on a smartphone” says Céline Pallut.
Prox entreprise is currently endeavoring to make itself (better) known to the elected representatives of the small towns and to all the inhabitants of the territory concerned by this proposal for aid and training.
The prefect, but also the secretary general of the prefecture, Matthieu Doligez reaffirmed their support for the company and this new initiative. They argued that “France services houses already offer certain services to inhabitants in rural areas, particularly in their administrative procedures” and that everyone should remain in their role and their missions.

Arnaud Besnard

Social ties, family life and employment
at the heart of these digital formations.

Julien Fiancette, the digital advisor of the social and solidarity company Prox, knows how to do a lot of things! The training workshops concern: handling a computer, a tablet or a smartphone; send and receive emails; create and store digital content; surf the Internet ; learn the basics of word processing; install and use useful applications on your smartphone… If you feel that these notions completely escape you or that you miss them, in particular to look for a job, break isolation, the digital advisor can also help you to discover related sites and platforms looking for a job, to submit a CV, go to job search sites…