January 24, 2022

the new standard in business?

Today, digitalization has become more than obvious for companies of all sizes and in all sectors of activity. Digitizing documents to better draft, modify, exchange and save them significantly increases the productivity and efficiency of teams. Likewise, the use of payroll software is essential to facilitate the work of human resources. This is a wise solution because it saves time and also saves considerable money. In addition to simplifying the edition of payslips, this tool allows you to avoid calculation errors at the level of mandatory declarations and the counting of paid vacation days. Find out all you need to know about payroll software through these few lines.

What is payroll software?

Concretely, a payroll software is an IT tool dedicated to the automation of administrative processes related to payroll employees. With this tool, the complete establishment of payslips and mandatory declarations has never been so easy. The software takes care of everything: management of salary compensation, social contributions imputed as effective, payroll entries, etc.

Depending on the needs and habits of the business, payroll software can be used in two forms. Indeed, this tool can be used in single station or in SaaS mode. It is a 100% cloud solution that is installed on the publisher’s servers. All you need is an internet connection to access it.

Payroll software is intended for companies that want to pay their employees internally. In other words, those who seek an external service provider qualified in accounting management such as an accountant may not need it.

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Why use payroll software?

There are many reasons for using payroll software. By automating payroll administrative operations, this tool greatly facilitates data synthesis linked to each employee. All you need to do is configure the software correctly and indicate the various fields to produce the payslips in just a few minutes.

The work of human resources will thus be simplified and optimized. The people responsible for editing payslips (HR teams) will then be able to focus more on high-value tasks such as the recruitment stages. As for managers, they will be able to view leave requests and expense reports with ease. As for your employees, they will be able to access their payslips and submit their absence requests independently.

Depending on your wishes and needs, you can install the software directly on the computer or use an online tool to edit payslips.

What are its features?

Depending on the type, payroll software can have several features that meet specific business needs.

Managing your payroll

It will be fully automated. You will be able to configure the software so that it automatically generates pay slips on the date you want each month. Employees will be notified instantly by email. Regarding the payment, all you have to do is send the SEPA transfer file to the bank.

It should be noted that all the specifics such as the Fillon reduction, JEI, the Tax Credit for Competitiveness and Employment or family allowances will be taken into account and calculated by the software in real time. These data will be accessible via exports. Of course, payslips will be visible at any time and summarized monthly. They are updated as soon as a variable is added.

Management of social declarations

You will no longer have to worry about calculating contributions, paying charges and declaring them to the various organizations. The payroll software will take care of everything. The Social Nominative Declaration known as DSN will, for example, be automatically generated based on the information you provide. You will also be able to have a monthly summary of contributions to be paid to the various social organizations (provident fund, URSSAF, pension and mutual insurance). This functionality will be synonymous with greater peace of mind for your teams in charge of human resources management and accounting.

The management of the company’s activity

Certain payroll software, in particular the versions available online, allow you to add personalized reports on all the data of your company: parity, salary evolution and many others. These can be viewed as a table or as a graph. Of course, it is possible to download them in Excel format. In particular, you will be able to draw up the payroll and the accounting entries easily and at the period that suits you the most. You can also select the employees and the analytical axes that you want to display.

In addition, all employment contract saved will be easier to find and can be edited. You will simply need an internet connection to access it.


What are the advantages of using online payslip software?

To facilitate and optimize the management of their payroll, many companies today use ISO 27001 certified online payroll software. Intuitive and reliable, these have many advantages. Your human resources teams do not need prior payroll knowledge to be able to use it. Monthly accounting entries and payrolls are easily accessible from the interface. The same goes for the statement of charges, the details of contributions and reductions.

All administrative documents such as employment certificates, the balances of any account, salary certificates and others are also saved and centralized in your interface. Regarding legal and contractual monitoring, this is handled by a specialized team. Thus, you no longer have to worry about taking into account legal and conventional developments relating to your business.

In addition, online payroll software makes it possible to retrieve data relating to withholding tax. It can be the tax deducted at source for the month, the rate and amounts per employee or the date of payment of contributions. All this information is summarized each month and accessible from the tool’s interface. Employee tax rates are automatically incorporated into payslips. They can find them from their personal space.

In addition, online payroll software does not require any overcharging in the event of employee entry or exit. Account creation is also non-binding, meaning you can use the software for as long as you want. In addition, your data is highly secure. In fact, access is rigorously controlled to guarantee document security against any modification. These are also backed up every hour and replicated in real time in the event of an incident. As security is essential in an area as sensitive as payroll management, it is essential to turn to a payroll software publisher recognized for the quality of its products.

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How to use online payroll software?

Using online payroll software is relatively straightforward. The interface is easy and pleasant to use. You can contact directly the platform team chosen for the establishment of a quote corresponding to the needs of your business or to fill out a form to schedule a demonstration. On this form, information such as your first name, your last name, your professional email address, your telephone number, the name of your company and the number of your employees will be requested. You may also be asked to indicate whether this is your company’s first pay or not. Of course, you must accept the conditions imposed by the website.

Once this step is done, you will then be contacted by a dedicated team for the demo. After creating your account, you can log in with your email address and password on the platform. Help messages will guide you through the use to avoid errors.

Some sites even offer you fast and personalized training. In this sense, you will then be accompanied by an expert who will take into account the situation and the needs of your company to offer you effective solutions. This professional will help you, among other things, to set up your account under the best possible conditions and to establish your first payroll. It will also help you in optimizing the use of the various software functions to facilitate and optimize payroll and human resources management with complete peace of mind. In case of problem or doubt, you can always contact the site team.

Editing bulletins, various declarations and all the tasks relating to payroll management are particularly time-consuming. However, hiring a service provider specializing in accounting management can represent a relatively high budget, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. The use of an online payroll software is a judicious solution to optimize the management of human resources, while minimizing costs.