July 2, 2022

The Lyon non-profit company “Time for the planet” has lost its case and will have to change its name

Non-profit company “Time for the Planet” which, based in Lyon, wants to work against climate change and has already raised several million euros, was attacked and condemned in first instance and on appeal for “parasitism, unfair competition and plagiarism ”by the consulting company with the very similar title,“ Time to Planet ”whose operational headquarters are located in Orléans in the Loiret. She’s going to have to change her name.

The Lyon company will not be able to use its corporate name. The decision was rendered by the Lyon Court of Appeal on December 15, pending the probable judgment of the case on the merits. And this after a judgment in first instance which went in the same direction.

It has just been heavily condemned in Appeal to immediately cease using its brand and company name and to eliminate all publications, works, advertising in France and throughout the world, with damages of 11,000 euros and 1 000 euros per day of late performance from a period of 15 days of service, i.e. from 1 January 2022.

François Prévost, expert in responsible innovation for 23 years, who initiated the legal action ensures “to have offered to help the Lyon team free of charge to find a new brand name in 2020.”

For the latter: “” I registered the mark “Time To Planet” with the INPI on July 3, 2011. I imagined and created this mark whose name reflects on purpose a philosophy and a personal commitment: I helps companies reinvent their economic model, accelerate their transition and innovate responsibly. Working for the planet does not mean violating the law. Any company when creating a brand must check the precedence of rights. This conviction puts an end to a commercial confusion very harmful to the business of Time To Planet. ”

As announced by Lyon-Entreprises, created in 2019, Time For The Planet made a name for itself by offering to raise 1 billion euros to finance 100 companies carrying innovative projects to save the planet. She had started her activities in mind.