January 29, 2022

the French leader in loan consolidation

Specialized for twenty-five years in the consolidation of loans, the French company Partners Finances helps many clients through various objectives. The company sets up tailor-made support, between listening and proximity, making it possible to define on a case-by-case basis the best loan repurchase solutions to be put in place.

A pioneer company in the consolidation of loans in France when it was launched in 1996, Partners Finances brings its expertise and advice to a large clientele around loan repurchase. The company is currently the leader in its business market.

« The repurchase of credits makes it possible to regroup all of your current loans in one and the same credit. We work on a daily basis with different types of applicants such as people who have several loans with fairly high interest rates and who wish to lower their monthly payments to avoid over-indebtedness. We also support clients who want to consolidate loans in order to optimize their financial situation in order to be able to invest, particularly in rental property. You should know that the credit redemption does not only concern over-indebted people! “ explain the managers of the company.

Grouping of credits: personalized follow-up for each customer

To identify all the needs and expectations of applicants, Partners Finances wishes to place customer relations at the heart of its activity.

Each person will be able to benefit from tailor-made follow-up from one of the company’s four hundred expert advisers. These exchanges must in particular make it possible to determine what the precise objectives of the applicants are, in order to determine the most relevant solutions to put in place.

Customers are then supported in all their procedures, from the first administrative formalities to the release of funds. ” Listening, proximity and understanding of our customers’ challenges are essential elements to achieve a grouping of relevant loans! “.

Grouping of credits: personalized follow-up for each customer
Credit consolidation: personalized follow-up for each client © Partners Finances

A quick and easy online simulation tool

Partners Finances offers on its website a free online simulator with no obligation, which allows Internet users to carry out an initial simulation in a few minutes.

After providing certain information such as the number and amount of dependent loans as well as their income, a company adviser will then be able to give an initial response in principle within 24 hours, indicating whether the file can be considered eligible.

A quick and easy online simulation tool
A quick and easy online simulation tool © Partners Finances

A secure online personal space

If the file is accepted, several supporting documents will then be requested from the customer in order to carry out a more in-depth analysis of his file.

Each person can download the supporting documents in a fully secure personal online space. On the basis of this information, Partners Finances will be able to launch negotiations with its various partners in order to offer a loan repurchase solution fully adapted to the person’s profile and their objectives.

« What is really interesting with the repurchase of credits is the fact that it is totally adaptable to a multitude of profiles, whether in terms of financial situation, but also in terms of age. We work with young workers but also with seniors! To date, retirees may indeed have difficulty in contracting certain loans, the repurchase can then allow them to optimize their monthly payments or to consolidate their loans to have additional cash! », Conclude the managers of the company.

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