May 24, 2022

the essentials of the electronic component distribution company

Newark Electronics, sometimes referred to as Newark element14, Newark Corporation, or Newark, is a Chicago-based electronic component distribution company. A company serving North America and parts of Central and South America.

At its beginnings, we could already count on Newark to have the latest and most varied components available from any distributor. His technical sheets were meticulous and up-to-date. As a result, the release of a new catalog was greeted with great impatience. The company is now a subsidiary of Premier Farnell catalog distributor and is the sixth largest electronics distributor in the world.

Newark Electronics Overview

The company was created in 1934 under the name of Newark Electric, a small store in Chicago that sold spare parts for radios. The name Newark honors the city of Newark, New Jersey.


The company published its first paper catalog in 1948. Over the next three decades, Newark Electronic’s catalog grew to the size of a Phone book. It has indeed become a widely recognized reference in the electronic components industry, and has sometimes been compared to the “industry bible”.

In 1968, Newark was purchased by Premier Industrial Corporation and became the company’s electronic distribution division. In 1996, Premier Industrial Corporation was acquired by Farnell Electronics which later changed its name to Premier Farnell.

History of Premier Farnell:

1934 – Newark Electronics founded

1939 – Foundation of ACFarnell Limited

1990s – First company to offer e-procurement capabilities.

1996 – Creation of Premier Farnell PLC following Farnell’s purchase of Premier Electronics, which included the Newark Electronics, MCM and Akron Brass brands.

2004 – Thought leader in RoHS legislation to separate compliant products.

2006 – Launch of a new strategy that focuses on design engineers, the Web, internationalization and MRO profitable.

2007 – Inaugural Environmental Design Challenge LiveEdge ; innovation in peelable packaging.

2008 – Launch of iBuy

2009 – Launch of the element14 community ; introduction of DesignLink and award-winning biodegradable packaging; membership of the United Nations Global Compact; acquisition of CadSoft.

2010 – Launch of the Ben Heck Show; achieving platinum status in the Business in the Community Index; the Asia-Pacific region becomes element14.

2011 – Launch of The Knode on element14 ; listing on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index; launch of element14 TV.

2012 – Launch of the computer Raspberry Pi ; acquisition d’Embest.

2013 – Strategy evolves to focus on customer-centric segments, multi-channel sales and marketing and international.

2014 – Acquisition d’AVID Technologies


The various operations carried out by Newark Electronics

Products, prices and buying habits still differ in the United States, the European Union and the Far East. On the other hand, electronics customers increasingly want their distributors to provide maps and services globally.

The internet provides great visibility into component selection and pricing. It is used for e-commerce and, via social media, as a way for consumers to communicate and give feedback on products. Online communities have sprung up everywhere.

In 2009, Premier Farnell launched its element14 online forum. In its early days, element14 did not advertise or sell components: it was an “agnostic” site where engineers could collaborate publicly or privately as they wished.

Next, element14 set out to be a digital leader. Over the next few years, element14 launched an online shopping tool and added CAD tools to its online service offering. He also developed the Knode, an online one-stop-shop for prototyping.

Newark element14 began to stumble with declining sales and market share. Competing catalogs Digi-Key and Mouser have it in their sights. The management of Newark element14 is in turmoil: presidents come and go from Newark every two years. For many in the industry, it seems the ubiquitous catalog distributor has lost its way.