June 30, 2022

The creation of an eco-responsible company, procedures and formalities?

Currently, all the packaging and transport of products generates large amounts of waste and obviously this is not good for the planet at all.

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Aware of the current ecological problem, some companies are trying to reduce the amount of packaging they use or they are trying to offer eco-responsible packaging. Eco-responsible packaging is therefore experiencing a real boom. Zoom on the creation of an eco-responsible company.

An ethical and ecological problem

Many products are still packaged with exaggerated amounts of plastic and paper. Fortunately, environmental concerns are on the rise (due to the effects of climate change) and are starting to be felt in the packaging industry.

Today, the increase in demand for environmentally friendly packaging is marked, that is to say that they are recyclable, economical and their manufacturing processes do not pollute the planet.

The strength of this trend internationally is such that even companies like Walmart have established sustainability principles for the correct use of packaging, which include limiting the use of fossil fuels, eliminating PVC and wax paper for their own brands.

They also offered incentives to buyers and launched campaigns to get their customers to prefer such packaging. What’s more, eco-responsible packaging is a great way to beat the competition.

With the increasing demand for green packaging, many people have decided to start their green packaging business.

Simple and fast procedures and formalities

The steps and formalities to create an eco-responsible business are relatively simple and fast. To open this type of structure, the most suitable statute is that of SASU (simplified single-person joint-stock company).

This is a SAS made up of a single person but which can accommodate several partners. In order to open your business under SASU status, all you have to do is complete a legal notice publication form for the constitution of a SASU. Following this process, you will receive a certificate of publication for the registry after only 1 hour.

A sector with a lot of future

Many small and medium industries do not have the possibility of having departments or specialized personnel for the manufacture of this type of packaging for their products. For this reason, it is much more productive for them to contract the services of an outside company. This is where there is a great business opportunity to be seized.

The goal of this business idea is to develop environmentally friendly or biodegradable packaging and offer it to companies for use with their products. If you are going for this market, you must first of all know that in order to design environmentally friendly packaging it is necessary that both in their process of treatment and in their disposal, they do not harm the environment.

They must be recyclable and allow the quality of the product to be preserved, from their origin to the final consumer. And they must not cease to be economical in addition to conforming to international standards. Basically, they must be superior to conventional packaging, both in the prior aspects and in the aesthetics, thus allowing to highlight the product, to add value to it, and to increase the desire to buy on the part of the customers. clients.

A project to develop

On the market, there are already several alternatives for developing this type of packaging. For example, it is possible to make them from the pulp of sugar cane fiber. This material is 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly, as well as resistant to high temperatures.

In addition, it can be used in microwaves and refrigerators, making it ideal for food packaging. Another valid option is recycled paper packaging. Due to their sanitary characteristics and rigidity, these packages can be disposable and are ideal for the transport and storage of fruits, vegetables and other agro-industrial products.

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