January 26, 2022

the company of this former executive of Google and Meta is a great success!

Former Google and Meta executive Hugo Barra recently created a new medical testing startup called Detect. This start-up has created a device that allows you to perform a Covid-19 screening test at home. As soon as this device was released, many people were in a rush to buy it and it is currently out of stock. Faced with numerous customer demands, the company has stated that it will produce a limited quantity of this product.

Revolutionary technology for COVID testing

The timing was right for the launch of the Covid-19 home test, as it has been very successful. Detect has sold a maximum of his invention in the United States. Moreover, the authorities announced that each household could only have one tester. Note that the device set up by the company meets the requirements of the State since it is a single-use test and it costs $ 75.

To have an additional test you have to pay $ 49. For this price, users will be entitled to a molecular test, a service much different from other companies that offer antigenic tests which are less precise.

Detect will expand its products

The CEO of the company, Hugo Barra, announced that he has been working on this project for a long time and that he wishes to contribute his knowledge in this health crisis. And not only in the Covid-19 test but also in the tests for other respiratory diseases as well as sexually transmitted infections.

Its expansion project does not stop there as the company wants to become the leader in home testing devices. In fact, the company plans to create a test for children that can help parents detect children’s disease. Note that their product has been judged and accurate compared to other rapid antigenic tests.

In addition, the founder claims that his device will be a combination of the molecular test and the antigen test in order to show a reliable and fast result. Their objective is therefore to create a product that is simple, effective and accessible to all. The FDA therefore agreed to cooperate with Detect on this project.