January 26, 2022

the company may soon be done with the iPhone

Considered one of the leaders of the industry smartphones, Apple remains in the lead with 28% market share worldwide, ahead of Samsung and Xiaomi, according to GlobalStats. However, the American giant could well in the long term completely stop the production of smartphones, and this despite the fact that it represents today its main source of income as well as the center of its current ecosystem.

the end of the iphone?

According to an Apple analyst, iPhone could be discontinued in the next ten years. This statement may seem preposterous, especially when you know that the iPhone is one of Apple’s most popular products. It is even this product that played a major role in the meteoric rise of the brand, transforming the humble computer maker into one of the most influential tech companies in the world.

Indeed, the iPhone is a flagship product for Apple, because according to Investopedia, the represents more than half of the brand’s total revenue, year after year. Mac computers, the product around which the company was founded, only represent about 10%. The iPad for its part, corresponds to less than 10% of sales of the company. The category “Wearables, Home and Accessories”, in which we find the Apple Watch, AirPods, and Apple TV for example, also represents around 10% of their sales. Finally, the “Services” category, comprising iCloud, Apple Music, Apple TV + and others, represents just under 20% of sales of the brand.

It is therefore easy to understand why the iPhone is Apple’s flagship product, not only in terms of revenue, but also as a central device in the brand’s ecosystem, complementary to its other products. To stop the iPhone, therefore, Apple would need a revolutionary change, and that’s what could happen soon.

A business analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, suggests that Apple’s first Augmented Reality (AR) headset would arrive in 2022, as various rumors had predicted so far. He then clarifies a rather revealing detail : While it is likely that the brand’s first AR device will require an iPhone to function and access the internet, that could change as technology advances, to the point that the iPhone will no longer be necessary for augmented reality, or even for anything else.

The beginning of Apple’s augmented reality?

With this detail, Kuo teases us here the potential arrival of a fully autonomous AR / VR headset, thus eliminating the need for support by another device. Thus, if a majority of customers stop buying an iPhone, Apple could abandon its smartphone, Kuo suggests brand could start replacing iPhone with AR in just ten years. He declared:

Currently, there are over a billion active iPhone users. If Apple’s goal is to replace iPhone with AR in ten years, that means Apple will sell at least one billion AR devices within ten years.

Le PDG Tim Cook Often expresses keen interest in AR and its future possibilities, but never dwells on Apple’s plans in this area. However, the RA seems less and less uncertain. With the announcement of Meta and the metaverse, along with growing investment from other tech companies, Apple’s research in the area is sure to pay off. Especially since at the beginning of the year we had already revealed to you Apple’s latest project for a new augmented reality / virtual reality headset (AR / VR), wanting to be ultra high-end and which will have exceptional technical characteristics.